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Military Love

Last Post

Anyone married to a Veteran? Or a Veteran themselves?

My husband is getting out of the marine core in a couple months. He is scared shitless! He's so s...


Military wife

I am a brand new military wife. My husband and I got married recently while he was on leave back ...


6 year contract

Boyfriend signed a six year contract and is leaving in a few days. I'm going crazy, I don't know ...


Military Couples?

Hi Everyone! I wanna get to know more people on here whose SO is in the military! Feel free to po...



Hello everyone I am on month 3 of a 9 month deployment and I really need advice on how to cope wi...


Military Relationships.

Anyone else in a military relationship?! :D I love meeting other milsos! My boyfriend is in the N...



bf leaving for boot camp!!

Hello all, So my boyfriend is leaving for Marine boot camp less than a month... I guess w...


Do I have to live on base while he is deployed?

My boyfriend and I are not married yet, but we plan to . When we do get married, we want to live ...


Best Friend Coming Home!

So my best friend from high school is coming home for Christmas in 18 days! I am so excited! He w...


Go Airforce!

My husband is getting ready to move to Texas. I was wanting to know everyone's opinion on 'On bas...



USMA West Point Girlfriends/Fiances/Wives

Hi ladies! I am dating a West Point cadet and I wanted to know if anyone of you are too dating...



First deployment

Hi guys. We just found out my SO is going to be deploying to Dubai/Bahrain in 3-5 weeks. This is ...


I miss my Soldier!

So 26 days ago my amazing bf left for basic training in Fort Jackson, South Carolina. Current...


Military Career Life - Pros and Cons?

My fiance is in the air force, and he isn't in love with it. Hes never seemed passionate about th...


Favorite Proverbs? Readings?

So as I mentioned before, my bf is away at basic training.. I write to him EVERYDAY and every no...


ARMY Veteran here

I see so many of you have questions about your other half going to basic, deployment, transitioni...


Aw, I'm so happy I found this message board.

My boyfriend is in the process of enlisting in the Army. We've been together for two years and I'...


Other milsos I can be friends with?

Hey girls! My boyfriend is in the marines and is currently deployed :(. He is in Iraq, and will b...


I want to send him homemade cookies !

Hey girls, I want to send my deployed boyfriend homemade cookies. When I'm at the post office, do...


Anniversary with my SO!

I'm absolutely grateful and happy with my SO and we are making 3 years the 10th of April. From ro...

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