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Single Ladies Lounge

Last Post

  Single Ladies: Dating Tips?

Alright girls - even if you're married or coupled up already - got any tips for all the single la...


Looking for female friends in Mass

Hey everybody I don’t really have any friends and would love to make some. If you live in mass or...


28 and single

Hi I’m feeling very depressed. Im 28 and have been single for almost my entire life. My only rela...


What is kind of liking someone?

Versus actually liking them? I’ve heard “kind of like” before but am not quite sure what that eve...


Has anyone ever knew someone being cheated on??

Or has anyone ever knew about yoyr partners affaur and didnt tell you? I currently know about ...


Feeling discouraged

Have you ever been told that you are too plain looking and boring? Or that you have RBF? I get th...


what are you likes/dislikes in a guy?

I find it that we as women have a common answer when it comes to this question, but I still am ve...


Fb as a dating app!?

Did you know? Welp, now you know!


Is face licking a thing?

Or do I just meet strange guys? My high school boyfriend used it all the time, I think it was mos...


Single or Taken?

Would you rather be single or taken? and why? A friend just got broken up with after two years, a...


Are you really happy being single?

Talk to me ladies.. I have my moments where I want to be wrapped up into someone but then it tur...


Not single but I need friends.

Who wants to be friends? I have none lol


Need advice- Adjusting after Heartbreak

So....I was just in my first long-term relationship for 2 years. Out of nowhere one day, he claim...


Asking out my temp recruiter?

Alright so I don’t usually come to these forums but I’m feeling like I need some opinions here si...


Newly Single after 10 years!

Hey there, friends and fellow vinties! I’m back at it again hard, after not using Vinted for almo...


Nine Year Age Difference.Thoughts?

Hi ladies I'm new here and I just needed some advice so for about a year now I've been talking to...


Ugly truth- 5 type of men you shouldn't date!

1. The Mama's Boy We've all dated a guy like this. He doesn’t make decisions without his mom's i...


Why are you single?

To all my single vinties out there...why do you think you're single? It's late and I love lurking...


My son's girlfriend is cheating on him ??

Both she and my son are 25 and have been together for just over 9 years.I received an e-mail from...


Who's hitting on you?

I'm curious if there is a certain kind of guy who hits on you, age, race etc. I had a 72 year ol...



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