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Studies, College & Career Talk

Finals getting you down, deciding on a major, or looking for tips to nail that job interview? Here's where you can discuss what's going on with you - in school or work!

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Selling on resume

Just curious - how many people mentioned their online selling on their resume? I was told by a ca...


In the last 10 many jobs have you had?

Just curious I would say for me 6...3 in the last year because of my health issue


Get resume and interview tips from a Recruiter!

I'm a recruiter, so providing tips and preparing candidates for interviews is what I do! If anyon...



Does anyone work for amazon? I recently applied to work at the Amazon Warehouse and I need to ...


Dorm Rooms

Hey everybody. So I’m starting my junior year at Angelo State University and I’m having to move i...


Where do you look for jobs?

I didn’t get the job in the mayors office that i interviewed for and I’m really bummed about it 😞...


Surviving Group Work/Group Projects

Let's take a minute to talk about everyone's favorite activity, group work. I know some of you ar...


EMT School

Hi vinties, i’ve been gone a really long time but i’m glad i’m getting back into it very soon! ...


Would you go (or did you go) to this school?

So I'm wanting to start getting into a masters program for arts administration/leadership. I have...


Nursing school

Hey guys!! Has anyone taken the HESI entrance exam????


Touring all schools - needed or nah?

So I've been really intent on applying to start a masters program next fall. But the schools in m...


Internal Transfer , Telling Manager

I have an interview tomorrow morning (any tips are welcome!) and I have not told my manager that ...


unemployed :/

and looking for a new job, but in the meantime it would be GREAT to sell the things left in my cl...


Is 22 too old to go back to school?

I never knew exactly what I wanted to do after high school and took a few community college class...


Are people surprised by your job when they meet you?

Everyone always is for me & I find it kinda hilarious! I think it’s a combination of visible tatt...


Fun and Motivational Break Room Ideas

I work in a retail store and I have been put in charge to make our back room more motivational an...


Geometry help.

I’ve been working on this problem for a while now. Can someone help me out with it? Please 😭😭😭. I...


Anyone work from home/online?

I just want to make some extra cash... What do y’all do?


Extra Income

Hey guys I’ve been kinda struggling to save money for things like a house, new car and other thin...


Expereince with Undergrad Adviser and Career Counselor

The undergrad adviser and career counselor are two different people in the business department . ...

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