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Animal Lovers, Pets & Animal Talk

Last Post

  Share your pets!

I thought it would be a good idea to start a thread sharing pets and whatnot :3 I have a 3 year o...


Dog crisis

Hey guys, one of my friends dogs is extremely sick. I’ve been helping her and I’m doing that I ju...


Animal helpers

Ludo thinks he’s the best helper. He’s wildly offended I told him that he can’t model the clothes...


NYC cute pet contest!

Hi Everyone! If you have a minute, and can vote for Ziva in the cute pet contest, I would appreci...


Cuddly Cats??

Are cats supposed to be cuddly? I have always been afraid of cats but I had the opportunity to sa...


Share your fur babies pics

One of my dogs. He looks goofier in person, about 90 lbs and loves his ball more than anything.


Dog adoption?

Hello all!! My husband and I are trying to adopt a dog through a volunteer rescue and we found a ...


My Babies!

I just wanted to show off my boys (: The Black & Brown one is Louie and he is a Min Pin Mix Th...



Gotta love ‘em.


SOS! Bearded dragon!

Help please. Hi ladies. I recently got two juvenile bearded dragons Temp during the day 97-10...


He was sleeping in the other room🐈

But as soon as I start trying to take pictures to list a bundle, he finds me 😭😂 Don’t worry, I’m...


Unspayed female cat pooping on couch

Past week or so we've had an issue with poop on the couch and I've just found out who has been do...


What should I name my kitten?

Hey everyone, I just got a new kitten and I don’t know what to name her! .


(Updated) Rescuing Pets from Animal Shelters vs. Buying from Pet Stores

Hello Vinties ~ ** NOTE ** Although I wrote this article over a couple of years ago - this sub...


Kitty helping out

She had to help me photograph my shoes today 🐱 Her name is Brenda. 😻



Meet Kaiya the Pomsky!

Yesterday I found the little love of my life! It was unexpected (even though I have been planning...


😻 This lovely lady will be 22 years old in July.

Saw this on reddit and my heart melted ❤️



Betta help- What’s wrong with my fish?!

Has this ever happened to anyone’s Betta before? I had him for about a year and everything was fi...


Best smile contest

Please vote for Larry for best smile! I’d love to win. And yes, he is a hedgehog. Lol. 😂🦔 I attac...


Meet Ms. Memester Nasus

I feel like winning a jackpot when I found her at the shelter. Her name is Nasus since I can't pr...

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