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Book Club: Literary Lovers

Last Post

  Book Lovers: Share a pic of you with your favorite book!

Let's share one of our favorite books, but to add a little more fun, take a picture with you and ...


has Anyone here read the Chicken Soup for the Soul series?

What do you most admire about the series and what is your favorite book from the series?


I am Swimming in books

Hello my fellow beautiful vinties! I just now realized how many books I actually have and it’s ...


Need books to read for summer!

Hi all! So one thing I usually do in the summer is go to Barnes and noble to pick out books I wa...


Book Recommendations?

I've been wanting to read more for fun, and I really am looking for some good books. Any recommen...


Interested in Stephen King?

I have a ton of Stephen King HC books that I need to somehow get out of my closet. Is anyone inte...


Anyone interested in comics??

I’ve got some comics I need to get rid of fast. I’m trying to sell rather than give them away ‘ca...


Suspenseful summer must read

Anyone or there looking for a short suspenseful summer novel? I recently published my second book...


Help me build my reading list: Looking for life advice/instructional and business books.

Here are some that I have on my reading list. If you have any recommendations or similar genres I...


Books about travel/adventure

Looking for some books to ignite my wanderlust. I like Into The Wild and On The Road, so anything...


Creepy book D:

I just finished the book Penpal by Dathan Auerbach. And wow, it is definitely a creepy story! I'm...


Looking for book recommendations on introversion

Any topics such as navigating extroverted world, figuring you self out, life/self help. Etc.


Thoughts on Rupi Kaur?

I find her style of writing very interesting and new, but I just feel like her content is not as ...


What is everyone currently reading?

I’m currently reading linked it’s so good so far I def recommend it.


Which poetry book cover?

Which cover looks more visually pleasing? And why? (Trying to go for a more sentimental look)


Book with strong story?!

Hi, Hope everyone is doing well! <3 I am looking for a book for my boyfriend.(h) It should be ...


Books that make you laugh, cry?

Hi guys! My favorite author is Jodi Picoult and her books can always make me laugh and cry and ge...


Free Book!

Does anyone want a chance to win a free book? If so visit my blog, I have a giveaway currently :D...


Check Out My Blog?

Hey guys! I made a blog over a month ago, It's all about books!heart I have a giveaway going on c...


Want a shoutout in my book?

I'm writing a book, and I can't think of a good title! If you give me a good suggestion, I'll giv...

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