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Car Enthusiasts: Share Your Ride (car talk)

Last Post

Wheel Color Help

Ok so I need some help.... -Gold tires -Purple tires (same color as car) -Purple tires with go...


Pros and Cons of Chevy Cruze

Im looking for some opinions on 2012-2013 Chevy cruzes. What are the pros and cons? Do they last?


Volkswagen Polo Help

Any mechanics out there or people knowledgeable about volkswagens (specifically polos)?


My new car is the best car in California! Noble m12 I am going yo try to make this YouTube thing happen. If you like ...


Which car should I get?

Brown Hyundai 27k miles You've got to see this 2015 Hyundai Sonata Limited at!https...


Is there anybody that modifies or races cars?

I'm a speed junkie. I love to work on cars, modify my car, talk about cars, go to car meets, race...


Safe cars with good gas mileage?

I'm looking into getting a car soon. My budget is on the lower side but I'm really trying to onl...


Dream car

Ladies whats your dream car?! I seen a zebra striped jeep wrangler the other day.. i almost die...


Experiences with Volkswagen

Looking into a Jetta but have never had a Volkswagen. Reviews on google are mixed. I know they ca...


Anyone have AAA?

Anyone have AAA? My dad told me he was going to buy me a membership because of recent car trouble...


Personalized Plate Ideas for JEEP

My plates are almost due for my Jeep and I think I need to change my personalized plates. My lice...


Build your own

Does anyone else ever go on car websites and use the "build your own" feature just to laugh at ho...


How much do you pay for car insurance?

Just bought a new car and am curious what other people pay . Granted it's different for different...


Car question

Hi! Does anyone know how much it is to replace a back headlight? I just busted mine. The light st...


We Bought Another

car😍 Me and my fiancé decided to add this little beauty to our little family❤️



I want to name my car

So I have a 97 Jeep Cherokee that's white and I want to name it. I kinda want a guy name but I'd ...


A beast

Yo! Its been 3 years with my Dragula. All custom by me because no way was I gonna settle for sto...


Car Names

My fiancé got me a new car to replace my beloved VW Beetle, Lucy who has a lot of miles. It's bee...


Vinted Income Purchase // new car :)

Omg guys I'm super excited to show you what i just bought! I was able to put a down payment for m...


Good, Cheap reliable car?

What's a good cheap reliable car? I'm trying to stay away from fords

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