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Creative Corner: Art, Poems, Hobbies & More

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Looking For Backdrops/Dessert Table Ideas For Graduation Party

The color theme I am aiming for is pink, touches (yellow) gold , and hints of glitter. The base w...


Graduation Party Ideas

My mother will be graduating college this semester. I am planning on throwing her a small surpris...


Twitch/IG Artist

Hi all! I recently decided to try my shy, socially awkward hand at streaming my art on Twitch. Im...


Selling my Art?

So I've really been into black ink drawings lately and am considering selling them, but don't kno...



My knitters out there! I’m making a baby blanket, how do you keep the work from dragging as you k...


Finished my first mural

Finished my first mural a few weeks ago- I was reflecting on it tonight and felt like sharing! I...


What do you think?

I drew this on Photoshop for a project about gun control for class. My teacher had so many sugges...


Comic Convention Costume

Hey everyone, I am attending ComicPalooza here in Houston next month but I am debating about w...


Basket Raffle - Ticket holder ideas??

Hi vinties! The organization I work for is hosting our 10th annual golf tournament at a pretty fa...


Need video games help

My fiancé is super into video games. He loves dark souls, bloodborne, the Witcher, dragon age, an...


ASMR Youtube channel

I always wanted to start an ASMR channel, i been saying i was going to make one for like 3 years ...


Crystal wands!

Kind of obsessed with making these wands! I feel like none of my friends are really even into cry...


I started a blog!

I’ve always been an avid writer since the first time I held a crayon in my little fingers. I alwa...


Journaling/Crafts Instagram

I created an instagram dedicated to my journaling and stationery collecting hobbies. If you guys ...


Choose your favorite

So I need to write a poem for class using any prompt from a textbook. Here are my narrowed-down o...


Read my poem

I just need a title. Any ideas? What about Afternoon Daze? Old man asleep beside a bowl of ...


Projects turned to Profit ?

Hi vinties 😁 I recently started making these signs because I thought it'd be fun to do and give a...


Photo Booth signs?

I have to create signs for a photo booth at my company party! The signs have to refer to "Respect...


Any bloggers? I am a first time blogger and need advice.

So far, I have launched my blog on Instagram and want to start a real blog site. However, I have ...


Need camera advice!!

Hey! I’m looking into buying a nice camera and I was wondering if any of u have suggestions. I ne...

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