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Military & Armed Forces Connection

Last Post

Selling Military Uniforms?!

Am I the only one that feels disrespected when someone is selling military uniform items to wear ...


How do we word our invitations

We got married but due to his very short leave we also had just gotten engaged the night before. ...


Military wives

@julieboolie messaged me looking for support from a military wife, but I'm not one, so it's hard ...


Military Relationships

Hi guys, this is about to be a venting post... but also a "PLEASE COMFORT ME I NEED ADVICE/GUIDAN...


To All Our Veterans and Active Soldiers ( Thank You)

Thank You From The Bottom Of My Heart And Soul, For stepping up and were/are willing to put your ...


I need help identifying these militaria items (Austria + WWI)

My father collects militaria and would usually gift me items that didn't have high resale value. ...


Shipping to military base?

Hey Vinties! I'm shipping something out to a military base in Japan, and wondered if I could jus...


I know I'm pathetic.

But I miss my boyfriend! He's only gone for 24 days and now that it's past midnight, I've reache...


9-11 conspiracy

What do you really believe what happened on that day? Do you think the government was in on it? O...


Military Ball

So I am a freshman in college and someone that is in the ROTC asked me to go to the military ball...



I'm going to enlist into either the National Guard or the Air National Guard this summer and I'm ...


Carry on and suite case items for PCSing

I am moving to Vandenburg California in feburary with my family and i have no idea what to bring....


Moving to the States

I am an Air Force brat currently living in South Korea and i will be moving to the states in Febu...


Vandenburg in Feburary

Is any one at Vandenburg, or lompoc California? Me and my family are moving there in Feburary.


PCS Moving Sale!

We're PCSing in February to Camp Pendleton and we need to start getting rid of our unwanted stuff...


Air Force Member and Air Force Wife!

Hi all! My name is Alaina. I am married to a wonderful Airman, and I am also an Airman myself :)....


I am needing YOUR help! (repost)

Hey everyone. I'm 24, married and am DYING to meet Motion City Soundtrack. My husband and I are b...


Care Package to Afghanistan!

Okay girls! As promised, I finally got to send the care package out to Afghanistan! • for those...


Let's talk deployment!

And how pissed off it makes me!!!Yes I knew what I was getting myself into when my husband joined...


Military girlfriends, boyfriends husbands or wives

I've been dating a man in the navy for almost two years and it has been rough at times but with f...

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