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Tattoos & Piercings

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  Share Your Piercings and Tattoos

Anyone have any piercings or tattoos and want to share? I have triple on each lobe, auricle on l...


Thigh tattoo tips?

I'm getting a tattoo on Thursday! Thursday, the 25th, is my birthday, and I'm getting my second t...


Industrial Piercing Wearers Question :)

For quite some time I have been wanting an industrial piercing, but I have noticed so many people...


Tipping for a tattoo touchup?

One of my more recent tattoos, gotten a month ago has faded a bit near the fine lines. It's a le...


Nipple Piercings?

Hey guys, so lately I've been really considering getting my nipples pierced. If any of you have g...


Rook Piercing

Who has one? :)


Piercing question!

So, I have several piercings so I’m certainly not new to piercings in general, but I do have a qu...


There’s a bump on my helix piercing

I got my helix piercing done at Claire’s which is a sin I know now 🙄 it’s been about 3 weeks si...


Starting my tattoo garden!

Just wanted to share this with you guys! So one day I was thinking about what tattoo to get nex...


do you think tongue piercings are trashy

i really want one but honestly some look quite trashy. i just want it cause i like how it looks a...


Belly Button Piercing Rejected

I need some advice! I got my belly button pierced in May. The piercer warned me that because ...


big lotus tattoo and what it means to me!

just wanted to share what im getting this summer and what it means to me! so last year, i got ...


Bottom navel piercing infected?!

My bottom navel piercing was done exactly 2 weeks ago. It looked beautiful, until I wore high wai...


Why is my helix piercing bleeding?

I've had my helix piercing for a little over a month now. it was done unprofessionally (not smart...


First tattoo--Back of the neck advice please!

I plan on getting my FIRST tattoo for my 22nd birthday. I'm hella nervous. I want to get my tatto...


Cartilage piercings -- gun or needle??

Does it really matter if a cartilage piercing is done with a gun or a needle?? I've been wanting ...


Is my new tattoo really that bad?

I recently got a new tattoo, and I have been feeling pretty bad about it. I loved the sketch, but...


Is my belly button piercing infected?

I got my piercing about a month ago, never had any issues. As of recently is red around the top h...


Cartilage piercing bump

I got my cartilage pierced with a needle a little over two years ago. A couple days ago I think I...



Belly button piercing

I'm getting mine tomorrow, but I'm kind of scared for the pain. So far the piercings I have are :...

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