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Holidays & Seasonal Talk

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  🎁Holiday Dollar Days🎁

To help ring in the festive fun of the upcoming 12 Days til Christmas and otherwise cheerful holi...


Holiday Greeting Cards: When Do You Start Sending Them?

I struggle with this every year. I know it's past the date to send out Chanukah this year. What...


50% off all items !!

Come take a look in my closet and see what you like for 1/2 off ! :)


What do you love about your mom? 🌺

Let's bring some positive mother's day vibes to vinted! 🌻 Say one thing that you really love abo...


🐇 Easter plans?

Does your family celebrate easter? Going anywhere fun? 😊 I'm hopefully visiting my family! Ea...


Gift Giving Assistance Needed!!

I've gotten all my presents except for two & I am incredibly stuck. I have two new-ish step cousi...


Frickin Leaves 🍁

It's leaf season my gals!! Who else has freaking gorgeous leaves?? Post them and where they're fr...


Secret Santa swap box

Would you guys be interested in participating in a Secret Santa swap box for Christmas? I would l...


Easter Traditions?

Anyone have anything fun, zany, or just different that they do on Easter?


Happy Valentine's Day Vinties

(h) (h) (h) (f) Yay! February is finally here! Just wanted to say Happy Valentine's Day to you...


Secret Cupid Sign Up! Closed!

The year is coming to an end, which means our next (other than New Years) holiday to look forward...


Gift Reveal for Vinted Secret Santa with a Twist!

This is a thread for the following things: -for me to check up on who gifted/received -share ...


What are your New Years rituals/traditions?

I can't believe 2016 is coming to an end! How are you guys spending New years? Are there any ritu...


Merry Christmas!

Just wanted to wish everyone who celebrates Christmas a Merry Christmas and a happy holidays!


I've never been spoiled by a guy like this before

So I told my bf that I've never been spoiled by any of my bfs before so he goes out and gets me a...


Favorite Gift from your BF/GF?

What is the best gift your significant other has given to you? Doesn't have to be the most expens...


Pet Pics: Holiday Edition!

I love those threads on here where everyone posts pictures of their pets. Since its the holiday s...


Christmas gift. What to add?

I work at a college so I have a lot of coworkers but I wanted to just give gifts to the main peop...


Show off your Halloween costumes!👻

What did you dress up as on this All Hallows' Eve? I was a German beer maiden and my husband was...


Guys Christmas Gifts🎁

Well, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have past and I still can't think of a gift for my boyfriend....

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