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Well, that's embarrassing! (anonymous)

Have an embarrassing story, topic, or question you'd like to post secretly? This is the spot! Your secrets are safe with us! Being nice is awesome, so insulting other Vinties, their items, or posting private info/messages is not allowed.

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    Well, that's embarrassing: RULES

Have an embarrassing story, topic, or question you'd like to post secretly? This is the spot! You...


Help! Attracted to boyfriend's friend! 😰

My bf's friend is living with us for a few weeks until he moves into his own place. The other day...


I think I’m done

I think this site is dead. I rarely make a sale anymore. If I do it’s one random small profit sal...


help :(

Can anyone help cheer me up? Just got my heart broken :( we were together for two years and I’m r...


Roommates and Weed Rant

I have two roommates and they both smoke weed, and I don’t care. When we initially moved in it wa...


Bored Housewife

So I've been a house wife since February when my husband and I moved in together, and honestly, i...


Foot fetish

Every single guy I’ve ever dated has either licked or sucked my toes. Lol that’s so weird to type...



So I bought lingerie from AliExpress and half of it came in today. Guys it's horrible. I kinda wa...


Is porn a problem to you?

Do you view porn in a relationship or marriage bad? Are you against it? My husband loves porn, ev...


Do you report your earnings when doing taxes?

To be more specific your app earnings. Why or why not?


Depression help.

What do you do when you’re having a really bad day?


How did you meet your significant other?

I met my husband through a sad and unusual way. He and I was acquaintances, he was dating my bes...


Posh scam?

BEWARE!!!! Today I got an alarming email from posh!! All it said was failed and attached was a p...


So, I'm a low baller.

I don't mean to be, or even realize I am. I just love a good deal, and I sometimes try to go a ...


Why does doing the right thing have to be so hard?

I have been seeing a married man since the beginning of may. I never really thought anything of i...


Those of you who been cheated on and forgave.

How did you do it? My husband cheated on me with cam girls, and spent money on them, and things...


Loving someone vs. being “In Love”

Have any of you ever loved/cared about someone in a relationship, but overtime felt like you were...


what to use for treating cold sores?

Should i go to a doctor or can i find something at the drug store? Im worried my out of state ins...


Embarassing, but I smell bad.

I got told kindly by my husband that I smell bad, he describes it as a pee smell. He's not the o...

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