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Well, that's embarrassing! (anonymous)

Have an embarrassing story, topic, or question you'd like to post secretly? This is the spot! Your secrets are safe with us! Being nice is awesome, so insulting other Vinties, their items, or posting private info/messages is not allowed.

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    Well, that's embarrassing: RULES

Have an embarrassing story, topic, or question you'd like to post secretly? This is the spot! You...


Embarrassing Stories

I feel like a having a good laugh .. whats some embarrassing stories you ladies have? Doesn’t hav...


My boyfriend had a sugar mama

Very long story, but would love some thoughts and opinions. When my boyfriend was away last Nove...


I dont feel sexually attracted to my bf anymore?

Ive been going through this odd phase where i dont want to have sex as much anymore. Maybe i wan...


Is he into me?

Im not good at telling if a guy is into me or not... I think he's interested based on these messa...


Period remedies

SOS! So I’m on day 2 of my period and my God am I dying. My back is killing me. My cramps are u...


Hooking up with an ex

Is it just something that shouldn’t be done? Or do you guys have any instances where it worked? I...


Husband staring at my sister

I need advice on what I should do about my husband. He's a great guy and I know he loves me but a...


How to get rid of dark areas/spots on body before prom?

Does anyone have any tips on getting rid of dark spots specifically on your body? I have eczema a...


Car battery Theft

Hey guys, I own a toyota camry and about a month ago when I was walking by to check on my car and...



Hey, I know this is a little weird but I'm looking for some online friends. Just posting anon bec...


Hpv and warts

I have two small warts on my lady area. I feel gross , and well just very sad. I go for a Pap sme...


No bullies are actually the bullies.

I find it hypocrital that the ladies complaining about bullies and mean vinties are mean themselv...


How to be okay with porn?

Girls please help me. My man is amazing in so many ways. He's never strayed and he always makes ...


Serious Question - Not Trying to Offend

I'm going to try to ask this without being offensive. That's not my intention. I'm legitimately s...


Abusive. Advice please

So my best friend is in an abusive relationship and I feel so helpless. Her boyfriend threatens h...


What could I do?

There's a girl I know, who I haven't talked to in years but we used to be friends (not extremely ...


Skin tags??

Does anyone have skin tags?? I've tried to remove them but they just grow back I hate em!!


Getting caught eating ham and crying

I'm pregnant and my hormones and cravings outta control. This morning I had chocolate milk and a ...


Excited Fiance

Ladies that are currently engaged or married, this is a question for you. Was your fiance excit...

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