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We're all on team positivity! This is a space to share our successes, accomplishments, and good news!

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  Photos of Your Raided Items!

Let's see them :) I want to see photos of your raided items - the cover photo please. I am in the...


Vinted Day - April 19th

*UPDATED* ok girls, when should we do vinted day for april? sorry i’m excited wanna start early ...


Multiple sales today!!

So I finally got to posting some things (posting more tomorrow) and made three sales already! Non...


Cha-Ching! Your item has sold!

So I seen someone do this last year and i thought it’d bring it back, post what you’ve sold from ...


vinted day purchases!!

on vinted day (march 15th) post what you've bought/sold on this forum!! I know I didn't tag every...


Marie Kondo anyone?!

Has anyone tried this method for spring cleaning/decluttering? It’s motivated me to become more m...


Most Favorited

What’s your most favorited item in your closet right now? Post it!! Who knows, maybe you’ll get ...


Today was a good thrift day!

I havent had this much luck thrifting in a loooong time. This is just my favorite stuff. I got 25...


Map of Sales

i did this when i first started on vinted and after every break i’ve taken i’ve done it each time...


I made a thing!

I got asked to make a cake for a woodland creature themed baby shower and this is what we decided...


50 States?

I’ve been keeping track of what states I ship to since I started selling and I just crossed of Ha...


Styling on P

I just made my first sale directly from styling someone on P! I’ve styled people before but this ...


Co- Hosting my first party! (3/30)

Still don’t know the theme yet.. I’ll be creating a listing about the announcement & y’all can ...


Got the job

Guys! I just got the call. I'm conditionally hired. I need 1 more professional reference which I'...


Today’s Thrift Haul

After 5.5 hours, I made it home with some amazing pieces today 🙌🏼 First pic... all the items I g...


Started an Instagram!

I started an Instagram for my art @inkbyolivia ! Will be trying to post some art every day 😀 Than...


Recent sold items

Posting some things I've sold recently by request! Please post yours as well :) . . .


6, 4 and 1 month of sales data

Maybe you guys can find this useful if not interesting! * I stopped listing here in maybe Nove...


I’ve been gone for a year!

Hiiii girls, So I haven’t used this app in over a year and the last time I was on here was when...


I started a reselling Instagram

Guys!!! I've been debating doing this for awhile aaaaand I did. My selling has been picking up pr...

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