Forum rules and guidelines

The Vinted forum is a place for discussion, sharing selling and buying experiences and tips among members. When using the forum, we ask members to follow the forum rules. 

To ensure that we keep the forum safe for everyone, these things are strictly forbidden: 

  • Violent, hateful, racist, extremist, sexist, discriminating, pornographic or sexual posts and messages that encourage immoral, inhumane, and illegal acts or contain links to pages with the type of content mentioned above.
  • Accusations, insults of any kind, bullying, spamming, trolling, harassment, or any encouragement to violate our Forum rules.

Things to remember:

  • You are legally responsible for the content you post on the forum. 
  • Medical or legal opinions posted in the forum aren't verified. We always recommend contacting a professional. Also, please be aware that giving legal and medical advice that professionals would normally give isn’t allowed on the forum.
  • Commercial advertising isn’t allowed.
  • If you happen to ignore the Forum rules repeatedly, this may lead to a ban from the forum or having your account blocked.

We advise you to:

  • Always choose the correct Forum category and create a clear title for the post. For more tips, please take a look at the general guidelines on posting.
  • Never disclose any private info (e.g., phone numbers, postal addresses, bank details, usernames of members that you're having trouble with, and similar details).

Please check the complete list of the Forum rules. If you notice some inappropriate content or behavior that violates the rules, please report it to us. 

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