Buyer Protection
Ensuring you’re protected while you’re buying on Vinted is one of our top priorities. For this reason, we cover you with Buyer Protection when you pay through Vinted. This takes care of:
1. Protection of your purchases

You can shop with peace of mind, knowing that we can refund you if your item:

  • Doesn't arrive
  • Arrives damaged
  • Is significantly not as described

Just press I have an issue and inform us within 2 days of the item being marked as ‘delivered’. For more details, check out our Refund Policy.

Your order will be completed, and the payment will be automatically released to the seller if you miss the 2-day time frame or if you ever hit the Everything is OK button.

2. Extra measures against fraud

To make sure that no stranger can buy on behalf of you on Vinted, we put an extra layer of safety to your purchases. We randomly check transactions by prompting purchase verifications.

3. Support from our team

We’re always at hand if you need to resolve any questions related to your order. We’re here to ensure you have smooth and successful shopping on Vinted.

Good to know

Buyer Protection fee is mandatory for every order made through Vinted and is applied automatically at checkout.