How to swap?

Swapping is simple! If you're looking for items to swap, you'll always want to look for the swap symbol in the item listing. The swap symbol looks like a circle of arrows. If the listing shows the swap symbol, this means the seller is willing to swap (or trade) for that item . Score! 

Use the Vinted payment system to Smart Swap with these steps:

  • Agree with the other Vintie on the items you want to swap
  • Then you'll each click the "Make Offer" button and agree on a value (the same value for each Vintie's item) - this amount will be your insurance (swapsurance!) in case something goes wrong. Be sure to set the price in accordance to the item's value. (Important: If you change the price by editing the item listing, the new price will be displayed to all and your item can be bought instantly by someone else)
  • You’ll each click the "BUY" button and purchase the other Vintie's item, so each of you is charged the agreed-upon amount.
  • You'll both download your shipping labels by tapping “Get shipping label” in your message thread. 
  • Once your packages arrive and you both tap “Everything is OK”, you’ll each be credited the same amount in your Vinted wallets, minus the 5% of the order price + $0.70. More info on Vinted fees

Tip:  Keep in mind that when you trade using the Smart Swap method, you’re taking advantage of our Swapsurance - and we’ll always have your back! 

Good to know

  • Wild Swaps: When you choose to swap "outside" of Vinted, or you set the value of your items at $1 in order to get Vinted shipping labels, those are considered "Wild Swaps," and are always at your own risk
  • If you purchase an item for $1 as part of a "Wild Swap" and something goes wrong, we'll only be able to refund the $1 = + shipping you paid on Vinted, and not the item's true value. If you want to be on the safe side, we recommend "Smart Swaps" instead.
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