Tracking a package

To track a package:

  1. Go to the conversation screen with your buyer or seller
  2. Press Track package

All the latest tracking updates will be shown here. You can also follow a link to track the package directly on the carrier’s website, or copy the tracking number if you’d like to share it.

It can take up to 48 hours for the tracking to first appear on Vinted.
Tracking problems

I need help with an order

Go to the Help Center homepage and select the order in question. You’ll see solutions related to its status and options to contact us.

The package has arrived, but order tracking doesn’t update

Press “Mark as received” in the tracking window.

Order was delivered, but I didn’t get it

Press I have an issue within 2 days of the order being marked as “delivered” and select your issue for further instructions.

Good to know
  • Tracking is available for items that were bought using the “Buy now” button and sent according to our in-app instructions.
  • Packages sent using a custom shipping method can’t be tracked on Vinted — the sender should message you with the tracking number or give you more updates.