Shipping basics for sellers
Due to a technical issue, the “Buy now” button is unavailable for listings with custom or no shipping options. We recommend editing the listing and choosing a different package size (not possible for perfumes, hand and nail care items). This will enable USPS shipping on Vinted, so your buyers may use the “Buy now” button.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the essential things you might want to know about shipping on Vinted.

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Understanding how shipping works

Shipping types on Vinted 

Understanding how shipping works

Who pays for shipping?

The cost of shipping is always covered by buyers. It is added to the item’s price as a part of the total buyer’s purchase.

Buyers decide how you should ship

When your buyer purchases the item, and selects one of the carriers you are proposing, you should make sure to use that shipping method. Otherwise, your order will be automatically canceled and the buyer will be refunded. 

This may happen simply because Vinted cannot track the package if it was sent with a different shipping provider than it was indicated in the order details.

Shipping timeline 

You’ll have 5 working days to send a sold item. If you happen to miss this deadline, we’ll have no choice but to cancel the order and refund the buyer.

Shipping types on Vinted

Let’s break down the 3 types of shipping available to you as a seller:

You will be compensated up to $100 if the item is lost or damaged during shipment. With Priority mail (M & L package sizes), you’ll have to file a claim for compensation with USPS yourself.

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