Vinted Wallet: how it works

Vinted Wallet is where sellers’ earnings from all of their sold items are sent and safely stored, regardless of the buyer’s payment method.

You don’t need to have any funds in your Vinted Wallet to buy on Vinted, and you cannot add them there manually.

Receiving earnings from sold items
  1. Buyer pays for an item → Payment appears under 'pending balance' in the seller's Vinted Wallet
  2. Buyer hits Everything is OK after the item is delivered or 2 days after the item’s delivery in case the buyer doesn’t report any issues → Order is completed → Payment moves from 'pending balance' to 'available balance'
  3. Once the payment is available in the seller’s Wallet, the seller can:
Was an order completed, but the payment is still under ‘pending balance’? This means you need to activate your Vinted Wallet.
Why we have Vinted Wallet

Delaying the availability of funds is a common practice in online marketplaces. We implement this to help ensure that Vinted is safe and secure for both buyers and sellers.

With Vinted Wallet, if something goes wrong, we may refund the buyer, though you can mutually agree on a different resolution.

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