What package size should I select for my item?

Vinted offers 3 package sizes for your item if the item is shippable. You have to indicate the package size while uploading the item.

Works for
Under 0.5 lbs
T-shirts, scarves, belts, mini skirts, etc.  
0.5 - 2 lbs
Jeans, shoes, sweaters, blazers, etc.
2 - 5 lbs
Boots, backpacks, bundles, etc.


  • ​Be sure to choose the right package size as the buyer will pay for it.
  • A wrong choice might result in a returned package, extra shipping costs, a pickup fee, or even negative feedback from your buyer.
  • You won't be able to set a package size for the items, that are non-shippable: strollers, ride-on toys, car seats & chairs, children's furniture. 
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