Why was my account blocked?

We always seek friendly solutions and give warnings beforehand, but we block accounts temporarily or permanently if members willfully ignore the Terms and Conditions, Catalog Rules or Community Guidelines.

We always notify members beforehand to let them know the reasons for the block. 

In most cases, a member who's  blocked still has the option to reply to existing conversations. 

Common reasons for block:

Temporary Block (up to 30 days)

  • Offensive or spammy behavior (with other Vinties or on our forums)
  • Not responding to Vinted messages about resolving an issue with an order
  • Listing commercial content or selling replicas
  • Promoting selling outside the Vinted payment system
  • Promoting other sell/buy/trade marketplaces

Permanent block for:

  • Engaging in fraudulent activities or scamming
  • Creating multiple accounts
  • Continuing to misbehave after repeated warnings
  • Breach of Vinted's Terms and Conditions
  • Breach of our payment processor's (Stripe) Seller Terms

Offenders who repeatedly ignore Community Guidelines may be banned from the community indefinitely.

Good to know:

If your account is blocked and you'd like to access your inbox, you can do so by logging in on the website. If you need any extra information or assistance, please contact us.

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