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Lina & Izabelė (Alumni)

Meet our community support agents: Izabelė Jansaitė (France) and Lina Katkutė (Germany). At Vinted, they’re often the first people to help members with questions and receive feedback.

What were you up to before coming to Vinted?

Lina: About 7 years ago, I first travelled to Berlin as an exchange student to live with a German family for a week. Back then, I only knew a few phrases in German, but I fell in love with the language and the way it sounded right away. After 3 more years I chose to study German language and culture, found some German friends and lived in Berlin for a month.

It wasn't enough, so I applied for an Erasmus scholarship, but due to personal reasons, I couldn’t go. I was really upset, but when one door closes, another opens. I got an email from Vinted that said they were looking for a German support agent. I wasn't actually in search of a job at the time. I had just forgot to delete my CV from the online portal!

But Vinted’s offer looked great. I remember finding a link to in the email and everything about the office life seemed really nice, although truthfully, I had only maybe used the Vinted website once at that time. I applied anyway, because this was a job that allowed me to use my love for German and after a couple of interviews, I was hired!

What are the first memories of meeting Team Vinted that you’ve got?

Izabelė: On the night before my first job interview, I was at a bar and had to take a taxi back home. As I was getting out of the car, I heard the taxi driver shout back at me: "Hey, you know what? At the end of the day, everything happens for a reason! That job interview is gonna happen the way it's supposed to happen."

I remember opening Vinted HQ's door and timidly asking for directions. The cool people wearing wool socks and the office itself just wowed me. I immediately forgot what the taxi driver said - panic kicked in: I HAVE to work here! How do I dazzle my interviewers?

And then I sat down in front of three beautiful smiling ladies to talk about Vinted and myself. The interview left me puzzled: was this a job interview or were we actually supposed to laugh and chat about life? I fell in love with the company, and hey, maybe it happened the way it was supposed to happen. I was in!

What’s is your job and your team like?

Izabelė: The Vilnius French Community Support team is a lovely 5-lady squad that works closely with the UK Community Support Team, which is just as great. My day-to-day responsibilities include guiding our French members through Vinted and helping them out, basically. I do that through casual chats, forum messages and other ways that you'd normally use to communicate with your besties. The work is rather dynamic, and I love it: every case is so different and you get to become a real life-inspector. We chat with our French colleagues, update each other on our internal news platform, and crack a few jokes. And by "a few", I mean plenty. We like to think we're very funny.

What’s your biggest motivation to work for Vinted?

Lina: Working at Vinted, I have gained a lot of experience. I’ve improved my German language skills, I’ve gotten to see how start-ups work, and I’ve learned how to deal with unhappy members. The employees are encouraged to strive for the best results and if you want to grow as a person, Vinted is always there to help, whether through private lessons, books or tickets to events that you want to attend.

Plus, these people really know how to throw a party! I would never ever miss VintedFEST - when everyone who works for Vinted globally comes to Lithuania to have fun together. Oh and all our team building events and "Mortal Combat fights" at lunch break! I could carry on, but I’ll just say this: Vinted cares about everyone who works here. The atmosphere the employees create and the care they show is really exceptional.

Izabelė: Two things motivate me the most: positive feedback and a nice work environment. The feedback is a serious thing at Vinted that makes you get even better and marks your achievements. There's a positive vibe in the company, so you actually feel like doing great work. And as for the work environment, how can I say it’s anything less than awesome, when I get to work with the nicest people and we can bring our dogs to work?

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