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this abercrombie jacket ive worn a couple a times when its cold outside but it doest fit me anymore and its perfectly good. i dont want i...
dark navy blue jacket/sweater from abercrombie
S / 4
size 3S hollister jeans, only worn twice. i realized that i got the wrong size after wearing them. they are basically new and have been w...
dark navy hollister jeans
XS / 2
this blouse i bought in england at newlook and it turns out i dont like it but we has already left and i couldnt return it. i paid 30 pou...
polkadoted pink blouse from new look
S / 4
i bought this maybe a month ago and it doesnt fit me, its too big. ive only worn it once actually. its really cute and i wish i couldve g...
navy blue hollister skirt
M / 8
this is an XSMALL jumper from pink. i bought this when i visited colorado when it was really cold but i live in texas now and i dont ever...
jumper/sweatshirt from pink
XXS / 0