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Roughly 6 inches in length, 4 inches height cute tribal patterned Minnetonka purse! Has a mirror, two zipper pockets and a stretch pocket...
Minnetonka Genuine Leather Purse!
Never worn but no tag, I'm a bit shorter 5'3", and the legs are a bit longer than that. They're a ankle skinny low rise for you taller pe...
Light Grey Express Jeans
6 / S
Great for warm or cold weather, it looks really cute with a cardigan of your choice for the colder weather. Light and comfortable per usu...
Navy Blue Old Navy Dress
7 / S
They're a size six long, skinny! Dark blue with subtle fade on the front.
American Eagle Stretch Jeans!
6 / S
No tag but never worn, great brand and they're in great condition. These also have a subtle fade near the upper thigh area. They're a nin...
Too Super Low Levi Jeans!
9 / M
Very comfortable and good for any occasion! Extremely light too. I'd wear it more but I work more than I do anything, want it to go to a...
Casual Blouse
8 / M
Light weight black and white striped tank top. Large in size.
Lace back tanktop!
12 / L
Guy's Docker's Levi button up. Large in size. I'm a 5'3" woman and it sits almost mid thigh on me for women who are interested. It has a ...
Striped Dockers Button Up
Cozy, soft hoodie that stops closer to the waist than pass it. Navy blue and white stripes.
Short Striped Hoodie
12 / L
These are seven in men's, nine in women's. Tread is a little worn but other than that they're in great condition!
Mono Black lowtop Converse!
Light brown leather handbag, Bonelli Florence brand. One big pocket with medium sized zipper pocket on the inside. Roughly 8 inches in ...
Light Brown Handbag!
Cute patterned simple forever 21 handbag with long arm strap. One medium sized zipper pocket on the inside. Roughly 6 inches in length, ...
Small Forever 21 handbag!
Two separate pairs of 5/8 plugs! Only selling as pairs. The white is acrylic, the silver are titanium steel. The white has an unnoticeab...
Two Pairs of 5/8 plugs. Acrilyc and Titanium.
Two pairs that I am only selling as pairs of silicone plugs. 5/8 with a flare that is barely noticeable. One pair is a tomato red, the ot...
Two Pairs of Silicone 5/8 Plugs!
Small double flared organic dark brown tunnels. Easy, comfortable fit. 5/8 and only selling as a pair.
Dark Brown, nearly black organic wood plugs. 5/8.
Beautiful forest green and off white organic stone plugs! 5/8 with a small double flare on each. Not noticable. Only selling as a pair.
Agate Stone Plugs 5/8
Title pretty much says it all! Never worn.
Simple dyed quartz necklace!
A cute and simplistic quartz and sterling silver necklace! Has only been worn a handful of times due to the work to social life ratio be...
Simple Quartz Necklace