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These soaps have been whipped for a soft fluffy airy soap..they float on top of the water yessss...they are oatmeal..musk sent..has oilve...
Handmade soaps 3 for $32.00
These handmade soaps are so smooth and creamy they are oatmeal..coconut oil..oilve oil..vitamin e oil..and lard..they have a hint of pine...
Handmade soaps 3 for $30.00..4 to 5 once
These homemade soaps are so smooth and creamy made with extra virgin olive oil coconut oil vitamin E oil ..oatmeal and all natuarl spice....
Homemade soaps 3 for $32.00
These soaps are oatmeal with extra virgin olive oil coconut oil with vitamin E oil..lemon tangerine cinnamon top creamy so rich ...
Homemade soaps
These homemade soaps are oatmeal coconut oil with extra virgin oilve oil and vitamin E oil..peaches &cream creamy smells so grea...
Homemade soaps 3 bars for $30.00..soap rounds are 3 for $24.00
These homemade soaps are so wonderful made with all natuarl soft and creamy added vitamin E oil allso..special get 3 bars fo...
Homemade oatmeal  vanilla coconut oil soap bars with vitamin E oil  any.onces 3 for $.30.00..
This 3pc handmade wire bangles..the 4th one has sold..they are semi precious stones made in 20 gauge gold plated wire that us bendable wi...
3pc handmade wire bangles
These 4 Handmade wire bangles have semi precious stones they have crystsls and goldish seed beads..they have eagles eye agate banded oynx...
4pc handmade wire bangles
These handmade wire bendable bangles are made on 20 gauge gold plated wire that u can bend..they have agate stone center beads ..they are...
4pc handmade wire bangle
This 3pc handmade wire bangles are semi precious stones the center turquoise stones is bigger then a quarter it has black oynx and other ...
3pc handmade wire bangles
This 3pc handmade wire bangles are are bendable on burnished copper or gold plated 20 gauge wire..they have a center mountain stone bigge...
3pc handmade wire bangles
This new handmade bendable wire semi precious bangle has mountain turquoise center stones that's bigger then a has hemmie bea...
1 handmade semi precious stone wire bangle
This semi precious stones bangle is for man or is mountain turquoise with black oynx it has small glass seed beads..And 8mm bla...
Mountain turquoise benbale wire bangle
This 4pc benbale wire bangles have real semi precious stones and barva nut bead in the centers and other wood beads jade hemmie b...
4pc handmade bendable wire semi precious stones bangles
This 9pc handmade bendable wire semi precious stones bangles are so cute..the first 6 are a lite pink quartz 10mm beads they have small g...
9pc handmade semi precious stones wire bangles
Special on this 15pc hand handmade rings they come with another 15 pc FREE GIFTS.. they are mixed sizes..they are made on 18 or 20 gauge...
15pc handmade rings
5pc handmade rings bundle..these are made on 18 gauge wire that's gold 2 are the same...mixed sizes..7 1/2,8,8 1/2,9,10 1/2......
5pc handmade rings bundled
This 18pc handmade ring bundle is do pretty mixed sizes made on 16 18 or 20 gauge copper gold plated or silver plated wire with real crys...
18pc new handmade rings bundle
135pc new handmade ring special lot is so awesome ..I have only one left of this out of 8 lots..they are mixed sizes from 6 1/2,7,8,9,10,...
135pc New handmade ring lot Special
This 14pc handmade ring is made on 16 gauge copper or brass..or 20 gauge silver plated wire..This is a bulk buy..they were sold for $12.0...
14pc handmade rings mixed sizes