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Brown flip flops from old navy
Brown flip flops from old navy
Comfy to where while u r sleeping lol
Just a plain black tang top
S/M / 6
Blue tang top very comfy to where lol
Blue tang top comfy to where lol
M / 8
Shirt thats pokka dotted and its alsp very comfy to where.
White and black pokka dotted shirt.
L / 10
Its a salmon and alittle pink color.
Salmon and alittle light pink color and its also from Gapbody.
1X / XXXL / 16
Very very very light pink and its very comfy to where around the house.
Comfy to where even for bed.
1X / XXXL / 16
Pink and black zebra printed slippers.
Zebra printed pink and black slippers.
Blue and brown with brown circles.
Blue and brown with brown circles and its from apt.9 petite.
1X / XXXL / 16
On this shirt has Tinker Bell the famous. Everyone loves Tinker Bell and so do I lol.
This shirt has the famous character on the shirt.
1X / XXXL / 16
Its a pink strapless shirt with a built in bra thats flat.
Its from next era couture.
1X / XXXL / 16