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Beautiful blue n Greg Charlotte rouse winter/ summer dress! U can wear it to church or wherever all yr around.I live it but I'm moving n ...
Brautiful summer/winter dress
M / 10
Red heart earring n red heart neclace!!
Love necklace with heart rarrings!!
Beautiful wrap around brand new purse strapped to hang on. Ur front
Beautiful wrap around shoylder
N back on tge market t shirt,!!any questions just ask!
Single medium white n pink single
12 / L
Its estea lauder but the tags fell off .it cane on a little ring that said it but its nice.brand new I just get tired of digging to the b...
Hot anywhere casual or beach or sleepovers!!
My brown n white purse by Evan Picune is so pretty!!good for ppl atleast in their 20,s
Brown with black purse!!very pretty!!buy it n u wont regret it!!
New black beads double chain lo!ve
Black beatiful love necklace!
Cosmetic pearl n daisy pretty but is cosmetic jewelry!
2 cosmetic rings
White with blue letters size small but u can also wear it good n I'm a medium. The clothes look better IRS just I broke my manequin.RBIs ...
Aeropostle white shirt
M / 8
3 different kind of cosmetic rings that u mix n match!
3 cisnetic rings!!
Yellow mellow n gold earrings brand new!
Yellow mellody earrings beautiful yellow!!
Black n pink h n m sexy short dress
Pink n black short sexy dress
M / 10
Pink n blue with a big S for names m chsnge purse brand new bought seperate w / bigS! B Lack wallet is sold!!wallet (black) does not go w...
Exspensive purse,bought off amazon new through ebay!
1 thing that hoes on ur thigh don't remember the name but eleven differament hairbows of all different types bought from old navy n wal- ...
11 hairbows 6 diffeeant kinds n all different colors
Brand new pink n white roxy flats are so cute but there 8.5 n i wear an 8 i know they're comfy n cute nice wearing with a cute pink shirt...
Roxy new flats pink n white# hot # cute
Beautiful hills can't buy any cheaper
Black n brown wirh a strap around the ankle n brand new hills
Brown n blue hoop earrings#pretty!
Blue n brown new earrings from bass pro shop
Arizon strapless tank with four buttons!sexxxyy!!!
Arizon yellow tank top
M / 10
Beautiful cosmetic very colorful ring
Pretty multi color ring
Medium pink n white new workout tank.brand new very comfortable
Brand new heat gear work oyt shirt!
M / 10