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It's really cute and comfy/stretchy.
Tank with cute knit
12 / L
Pretty much new, I've only worn it once or twice. It's really cute and had a gold design.
Baby Phat Jacket
8 / M
I love these types of hoodies but its a bit big for me.
Cool hoody
14 / L
My mom got me this shirt so I could match my sister but she doesn't have her shirt anymore and I never really wore it. It says XL but I'm...
Hello kitty shirt
12 / L
It's really cute, and has a baby chick on it. I just don't really wear it.
"Where my peeps at?" Cute tank
8 / M
Cute print shirt, stretchy and comfy
Can't we all just get along?
4 / S
It's really comfy and good with a pair of jeans or for the outdoors. I like to do creative things with my plaid shirts so I added 2 pics ...
Plaid Long sleeve shirt
6 / S
My aunt got me this when we went to San Fran :) I don't really wear tanks tho
San Francisco tank
6 / S
I haven't worn it, but it's really cute. It has bows on the sleeves and a cool gold design (with bedazzle) on the back.
Baby Phat, plaid shirt
8 / M
Really cute, has silver sparkly lines. It looks good with Belt but still shape fitting without belt. I too two of the pictures in the sun...
Plaid Dress/shirt
10 / M
Tony Hawk Hoody
Comfy Hoody
18 / 1X
Brand new, I never got a chance to wear, it's to big for me now.
Neon Green, stripped tank
10 / M
Slightly transparent, good for the beach :)
Cute Striped tee
8 / M
It's really cute and cosy but I really don't wear it anymore.
Cute Mini and Mickey Mouse Onesy
10 / M
They're to big for me so I haven't worn them, but they're really cute and stylish.
Cute Plaid Shorts
10 / M
These are really comfortable and cool jeans, they're pretty good with anything :) they're a size 9.
Long Pink Skinny Jeans
8 / M
Is got ruffles at the bottom so it brings out curves and its strapless. It's practically new, I only wore it once. It's really cute and f...
Cute Black Dress
8 / M
I really like these shoes and wanted them for skating, but they are seriously way to big for me. I wore then a couple of times but I ende...
I really like this dress but its a little big on me so I can't wear it, it's almost new. it's just been sitting in my closet and i think ...
Beautiful Rose Printed dress
14 / L
Looks fancy, yet very comfy and goes well with alot of different outfits. Oh and its Stretchy :)
"Its all about me" top
10 / M