Creative Lead at Vinted: a Berlin story!
Marion Astier

Meet Marion, a Frenchwoman from Lille. She joined the Vinted adventure in 2016 when she started working as part of the customer support team. Thanks to her French skills and her diplomas in marketing and communication, she ended up joining the Berlin-based marketing team to help develop the French market. Now Creative Lead, she manages communication, partnership research, and TV-ad creation.


Why did you decide to work for Vinted and what is your role? 

In October 2016, I applied for a job offer as a communication specialist via a recruitment agency. I didn't know the employer and when I asked for information about the company, I was told: "It's a company that knows how to take risks, a company where people communicate very openly with each other, it's innovative, it's a company that dares". I was interested in the concept and the energy straight away, especially since Vinted was not yet very well known in France at that time. I remember my trial day in Vilnius, looked like the land of Santa Claus with a very welcoming -20 degrees. I immediately felt at home and loved the working atmosphere. I grew quickly in my role – Vinted allows everyone to develop their potential and continue to learn. I was lucky to have managers who believed in me and allowed me to evolve quickly.

What do you like most about Vinted?

It is a company that I have seen grow and develop rapidly, and which is now known internationally. It also brings many challenges, it can sometimes be a real rollercoaster: sometimes calm, sometimes very intense. You have to be ready for anything, but what I like most is that Vinted allows you to learn. I feel like I'm learning new things every day: digital, television, or the development of the product itself. It’s a very transparent company that allows us to keep an eye on everything related to new technologies. Team spirit and versatility is also one of the things I like very much about Vinted, we work as a team and very often across different teams.

How is life in Berlin? What are your favourite things about the city?

After a few days of onboarding in Vilnius, I moved to Berlin to join the marketing team. I have always loved living abroad, so moving to Berlin was an experience for me! I love getting out of my comfort zone and taking on new challenges. Berlin is great, it's a very open city, there are millions of things to do – from a cultural point of view, it's also very rich. It’s a city where you can be yourself: freedom is key. It’s also a very international city. People from all over the world come to live there, which has made it even more lively and full of surprises! The marketing team in Berlin is composed of 20 people – we’re a bit like a small family, a community! It's a very relaxed work environment, so it's nice, we do a lot of things together and try to share moments outside work. Over time, some of our colleagues have become some of our best friends!

What is your typical day like?

When the weather allows it, I travel by bike. Berlin is a very bike friendly city so it's really nice to be able to commute this way. I feel more productive in the afternoons, so generally my mornings are punctuated by different meetings. In the Berlin office, we have a lot of video meetings because many of our colleagues live in Vilnius. Lunch break is a time when we take the opportunity to cook together and relax together. We love sharing these kinds of moments and everyone brings their own personal touch – Italian, Spanish, or German foods, for example! My afternoons are dedicated to the different tasks I have to do, in order to progress on the projects I'm involved in. I work best towards the end of the day. Once my work is done, I love walking, going to restaurants, doing yoga, or reading.

Tell me a story about something you’ve achieved at Vinted, something that makes you feel proud.

I am very proud of the TV ads, it is a project that we really have the chance to create within my team – we’re involved in every part of the process, from concept creation and script writing to actress selection and studio production. When I see some Vinted ads on TV, it's true that it's always a great source of pride, but it’s also quite scary to know that this ad is seen by millions of people. 

Another achievement that comes to mind and of which I am also very proud of is that I had the chance to represent Vinted at a conference on the theme of women in the tech industry. This is a subject that is very close to my heart and I am delighted to see that Vinted is trying to promote and invest as much as possible in this area.

Which is your favourite ever Vinted purchase?

It's true that I buy second-hand items every month and I always instinctively look on Vinted before buying a new item. My favourite item bought on Vinted is (without hesitation!) this soft sweater from a Swedish brand. It was very expensive in store, and frankly I didn't want to spend that amount of money on a sweater. A few months later I found it on Vinted, at half price and in perfect condition! It was Christmas time too, so it was like giving me a gift to myself.

Are you currently learning something? If yes, what and why? If not, is there something you would like to improve?

I am currently taking yoga classes, it is really a practice that helps me a lot in my work and in my personal life. I would very much like to learn a new language, I actually dream of learning Swedish! I would also like to learn how to code.

What are you reading at the moment?

I read a lot in general. At the moment I'm reading Nicolas Mathieu's Leurs enfants après eux. I also just finished Elena Ferrante's saga Neapolitan novels

What is your favourite TV series and why?

I love comedies – I think I've watched The Office and Parks & Recreation more than 50 times, I know all the lines by heart and when I finish the series I sometimes start again. They're shows that make me feel good! A series that I also like very much is The Marvelous Mrs Maisel, it ticks a little bit everything I like, the main character is a woman, she’s a super-strong character, very inspiring. The quality of the set is also sublime, the costumes are beautiful, and the scripts are very well written. Watching this show, I realised that working on TV ads had allowed me to acquire a more critical mind regarding the design and aesthetics of sets. I like this series, I think we always need to keep in mind the image of a strong and inspiring woman, a female role model – I use it a lot in my professional life in order to try to be more creative!

Do you have a favourite quote?

There is a solution to every problem. If there are no solutions, it means there are no problems!






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