How does Vinted work?
It just does! It's social, and generally speaking, amazing. Really! You only need a profile to experience our community marketplace firsthand! Or should we say, secondhand?
A Seller's Story
A Buyer's Story
Remember that dress you loved?
It sat in the back of your closet forever. It just wasn't your style anymore and you wanted to do something about it.
Remember that dress you always wanted?
You searched tirelessly, day and night. But you couldn't find a good price for it anywhere.
So, you made a Vinted profile to sell it.
Your dress got its own free listing with photos, a great description, and a selling price of your choice.
One search and you struck gold!
A Vintie was selling the dress you were hunting for. Pre-loved, it was cheaper than in the store!
And just like that, #VintedTreasures are born!
You chatted about every detail, and when everything was sorted, you sealed the deal. All through Vinted’s secure system. All it took was the tap of a button and that dress, once forgotten, has a new story to tell!
Shipped with a touch of love
Vinted provided a prepaid shipping label. You packed it with love before sending it on its way, and after it arrived you got money for your sale!
Welcome home
You tracked its journey the entire way, and once it arrived - a perfect fit! A new dress that blends seamlessly with your personal style.
Today mine - tomorrow yours
The moment your dress was delivered you gave it a brand new life. It went to a late night concert, had an island vacation, and even went on a date!