Enjoy higher selling limits
19 September

We’ve updated our catalog rules, which means you can now list, sell, and earn extra cash on almost as many items as you’d like.

With more relaxed selling limits and the ability to sell hand-crafted items or list items in different sizes, it's the perfect opportunity to turn your pre-loved items into cash.

What does this mean for you?

Make more money. With no restrictions on how many items you can sell, you’re free to turn your closet into a source of extra income.

Better options for buyers. Listing a wider variety of items gives buyers more choices and reasons to follow you and your closet.

More second-hand gems to uncover. Listing a wider variety of items gives buyers more choices and reasons to follow you and your closet.

Get started selling

Check out our updated rules – they’ll tell you more about what’s allowed when listing and selling. Ready to get started? It's easy! Just snap, upload, and sell.

Updated catalog rules | List an item

Introducing: The new Entertainment category
10 May 2022

From today, you can enjoy a new category on Vinted: Entertainment. Entertainment joins our fashion and Home categories, to give members more ways to express their personal style and interests.

The Entertainment category includes expanded and improved categories that were previously tucked away in corners of Home and Kids. Entertainment listings are now grouped together in a clear, organized structure to help make listing and selling easier.

What to sell in Entertainment

In Entertainment, you can buy and sell:
• Video games and consoles — all the latest from Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo, plus VR, PC, and retro gaming
• Games and puzzles — board games, card games, jigsaws, miniature gaming, and more
• Music and video — DVDs, CDs, cassettes, and vinyl
• Books — both fiction and non-fiction, paperbacks and hardbacks

You can find more detailed information on what to sell in the Help Center and catalog rules.

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Update: Vinted's commitment to support Ukraine
12 April 2022

Vinted pledges 2 million euro (U.S. dollar 2.2 million) to humanitarian aid and releases a new donation feature to support the people of Ukraine.

We are shocked and saddened by the war in Ukraine, and we share the views of so many in hoping for a peaceful end to the violence. 

Vinted does not operate in Ukraine, but we are a European business, headquartered in Lithuania, with colleagues, partners, family and friends in Ukraine.

We are taking action to support humanitarian efforts towards the people of Ukraine by pledging 2 million euro (U.S. dollar 2.2 million) to various humanitarian initiatives and organizations. The first portion of this is focused on getting vital supplies and relief into Ukraine through our local networks.

We’re also finding ways to help through Vinted, like connecting our members to charities supporting those in need. This includes our new feature, Direct donation. 

Members can use Direct donation to send money straight from their Vinted Wallet, or from other available payment methods, to the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR). The proceeds provide aid to forcibly displaced people in Ukraine and its neighboring countries. The organization will receive 100% of the donation. 

Our payment partner has also pledged to match every cent given by Vinted members, to double your contribution. Find out more about how to donate in our Help Center.

We are incredibly grateful to our community for their generosity: in just a few weeks, members have donated over €550,000 (U.S. dollar 597,000) for the Ukrainian people directly through Vinted.

While our company-level response continues to be coordinated, we've seen an overwhelming and heart-warming response from our teams who have come together to volunteer, buy much-needed supplies, and do what they can to provide support to people in or fleeing Ukraine. A part of the money we have committed comes from our colleagues here at Vinted. 

Our thoughts continue to be with Ukraine at this awful time. 

Choose second-hand to give the best gifts this season
9 December 2021

The festive season is officially underway, which means it’s time for cozy nights, eggnog, and party outfits (even if they’re just online this year). It’s also time to find the perfect gifts for your loved ones. While many of us now shop pre-loved for our festive looks, we still buy brand new when it comes to gifts for others. This year, we challenge you to try making second-hand first choice - so here’s our Vinted gift guide, filled with tips and ideas to help you shop more consciously this season!

Over 50% of us are choosing second-hand gifts

Buying pre-loved means you can find gifts that are truly one-of-a-kind. And you won’t be alone - in a recent survey commissioned by Vinted in the UK, France, Germany, and the Netherlands*, the results showed that 56% of the participants planned on giving and receiving a mix of new and second-hand gifts this year. But there’s still room for change - only 1 in 10 of them told us that they would be buying all of their gifts second-hand. The reason? We’re happy to commit to pre-loved items for ourselves, but don’t feel comfortable giving them to others.

So why should I buy second-hand?

There are so many reasons to embrace second-hand gifts. Much like your most precious items of clothing, the best presents are the ones with a story - something that’s been cherished. For thoughtful and memorable gifts, even on a tight budget, pre-loved is perfect. And it's more responsible than buying brand-new - you’ll save much-needed resources for our planet. You might even inspire those closest to you to do the same!

What makes a good second-hand gift?

You can build your list of pre-loved gifts with items such as a much-treasured, cozy cashmere beanie, a beloved pair of vintage shades, or a special edition of a favorite book. According to the same survey, books are the most popular second-hand gift, with toys, clothing, and jewelry not far behind. On Vinted you can find beautiful, like-new things that make for a more meaningful exchange.

What are some tips for buying second-hand?

The beauty of second-hand gifts is that because of the huge variety of categories and styles, it’s easy to find something for everyone in the family. And don’t forget office gifts and Secret Santa - check out Vinted’s latest listings to find thousands of fun little stocking fillers.

Feeling inspired? Here are our top tips to step up your gift-game this year:

1. Start early. Giving yourself a bit more time to look for gifts means you’re more likely to find the right ones - and you’ll factor in shipping time so your seller can send you your item when you need them.
2. Ask your loved ones what they’d like. Take the guesswork out of your search and find out who wants what. If you’re not sure, most people are happy to be asked - especially if you want to find them something unique.
3. Add a homemade card. Continuing with the theme of getting creative and resourceful, why not go the extra mile and add a homemade card to your gift. A simple piece of colored paper with a small handwritten note goes a long way!

This year, share the joy of giving gifts that get a second life with your family, friends, and co-workers - from small treats to something extra special. Happy holidays!

* This survey was conducted by Censuswide for Vinted in October 2021 among 4000 respondents in Germany, France, the Netherlands and the UK.