Vinted will no longer support PayPal
16. August 2018

From August 16, 2018, PayPal accounts used on Vinted will be automatically unlinked from all Vinted members’ profiles.

PayPal will no longer be supported as a payment method on Vinted.

The reason is very simple: it’s just not something our buyers seem to use.

The amount of Vinted orders paid for by PayPal is incredibly small. And as per our policy, only the payments sellers receive via PayPal can actually be cashed out to a PayPal account.

Therefore, we’re sticking with the tried-and-true method of paying for purchases on Vinted: credit and debit cards.

Our Ts&Cs have been updated to reflect this change:

Summer Special: 30% Off All Bumps
2. July 2018

Help your clothes fly off the shelves with Vinted’s special summer offer:

30% off all bump orders made during July 2-22.

No limits.

The promotion applies to all bump orders made on our website and Android app.

Just choose an item, bump it and save on our #1 service that helps promote listings.

Don’t wear it? Sell it!

Bump at 30% off

Changes to our policies: summary
15. January 2018

To make sure Vinted matches the needs of its community, we’ve made a few changes to our Terms & Conditions of Use, Privacy Policy and Price List. Here’s a quick summary:

Terms & Conditions

We moved to the same form of this document across all our sister platforms. Many of the terms are identical or similar, but the formatting and phrasing have changed.

• We’ve updated our Copyright Policy and added more details about the procedure for making and responding to complaints.
• We updated our price list. Our service fee can now fall in a range of rates.
• We’ve added an arbitration clause that includes a class action waiver.

You’ll find the updated Terms & Conditions and all supporting documents here.

Privacy Policy

• We’ve added additional resources for information about and opt out from targeted advertising.
• We’ve explained the steps we take to secure your information when we work with our vendors.
• We’ve added information for California users under the age of 18 who wish to have their content removed from the site.

You’ll find the updated Privacy Policy here.

Sell more kids’ items on Vinted
6. December 2017

We’re expanding our categories for kids’ and maternity items on Vinted.

Now, along with kids’ clothes and shoes, you can list and sell things like:

🎲 Toys and games for children
🍼 Baby care equipment
🛏 Large items like strollers, chairs and other furniture

Go ahead and see if there’s something you’d like to list or buy in this new section of our catalog:

Hint: You can also personalize your feed by adding sizes for kids’ items in your settings:

Vinted is about you. Our new look celebrates that.

Think about what makes Vinted special for you.

The chance to talk to any member directly?
The fact that you can make money selling what you don’t wear anymore?
Or the features that help you find and buy exactly what you need?

What makes Vinted special for us is our community of nearly 20 million people in 10 countries. We’ve come a long way since starting in 2008. Much of what you find on Vinted today was created with your feedback.

So we’re giving Vinted a cleaner look to reflect all of you better. You’ll notice our whole look is a little cleaner to make our members’ listings stand out. The number one change, however, is our logo

It’s now handwritten to represent the personal touch present throughout our community:

💌  a thank you note you add to an item as you send it off
✍🏼 one-on-one communication with other members
💗 as well as the connections and new friendships that form on Vinted every day

Take a look around - it’s still the Vinted you’re used to, with a few design improvements. If you’d like to share your opinion on the new look, start here.

Find what you need faster - use search subscriptions
13. July 2017

Looking for something specific? Nike sneakers for under $50? A new with tags black dress?

Now, you can simply set up a search subscription and we’ll notify you when an item that matches your search criteria is listed.

To create a subscription, use the bell icon in the top right corner of your search result screen. You’ll also find the bell icon in your search bar.

Once a day, we’ll send you an email and a push notification about items that match your search subscription criteria. That way, you’ll never miss the wardrobe pieces you need.

You can access all your search subscriptions from the search screen. Here, you’ll also find a list of recent searches and clicking the bell icon is all it takes to create a subscription - try it today.

Bumps’ summer sale: 40% off
09. June 2017

Until July 10, all Vinted bumps are on sale.

One bump will cost you $0.57 - that’s 40% off the standard price of $0.95.

There are no extra conditions and the number of discounted bumps you can order is unlimited. So don’t hold back - sell summer wardrobe pieces faster and boost your vacation budget.

To save time, you can even bump multiple items in one go. Plus, you can pay for bumps using the money in your Wallet, as well as your credit card.

On average, one bump gets your listing up to 5 times more visibility and helps you sell twice as fast . Bumps are an excellent way to draw other members’ attention to the items you’re selling, so use them today!

Pay for bumps with money from your Vinted Wallet
08. May 2017

For your convenience, you can now pay for item bumps using the money in your Vinted Wallet , as well as your credit card.

A bump sends your item’s listing to the top of our feed and catalogue once per day, for 3 consecutive days.

On average, every bump gets your item 5 times more visibility and helps you sell twice as fast .

A 3-day bump costs $0.95. The number of bumps you can purchase is unlimited.

Bump listings that could use a little more attention from buyers. Bumped items will be among the first listings other members see in their feeds, search results, and our catalog.

Leave product feedback for Vinted
11. April 2017

Know of a specific improvement you’d like to see on Vinted? Now, it’s even easier to share it with our team.

We’re opening a special form where we invite you to submit actionable feedback and tell us what changes you’d like to see and why.

After all, some of the features our community has come to like have been suggested by members - sorting search results, saved searches, and more.

We won’t be replying to messages received through this form, but all your thoughts will be shared with our team.

Have valuable feedback? Share it with us.

Enjoy a bump discount
23. February 2017

Through the entire winter season, right until February 28, enjoy a 40% discount for bumps. Each bump will cost you $0.57. The standard cost of one will be $0.95 from February 28.

Tip: you can also bump multiple listings in one go. Start with selecting one item, tap ‘Bump It’ and add more items by using the ‘+’ sign on your checkout screen.

Better reporting options on Vinted
23. January 2017

In a continuous effort to develop trust and safety on Vinted, our team has just improved the way you can report inappropriate content or behaviour and alert us to bad content.

Previously, this wasn’t always available on our apps. Now, submitting a report through them is also possible with the latest app update, and it only takes a minute.

If you’re ever concerned or offended by:

- A personal message you receive
- An item in Vinted catalog
- Inappropriate content in a Vinted profile
- A post on the forum

You can alert our team by submitting a report. To do this, just hit the flag icon you see on Vinted. In private messages, it’s available under the (i) sign.

Vinted is a community and it takes only a little effort from everyone to keep it safe. If you see something bad, take a moment to report it and we’ll review it as soon as we can. Plus, we’ll keep track of it to spot future suspicious activity automatically.

Happy Vinting!

New shipping prices
10. January 2017

As of January 11, new shipping prices will apply to all items in the Vinted catalog:

• Small parcel: $4.35
• Medium parcel: $6.89
• Large parcel: $7.99

This change follows an increase in USPS prices. We’re continuing our cooperation because USPS offers excellent value and reliability that can’t currently be beaten by any competitors.

As always, all parcels come with tracking info that you can see directly on Vinted.

Tip : to save on shipping, you can bundle several item s from one seller and ship them together. Many sellers have bundle discounts enabled, so you’ll get an extra discount on your items and not just pay less for shipping !

Make your items 5 times more visible!
19. December 2016

With millions of items listed on Vinted, it's only natural that some get more attention than others. Not anymore. Use our new feature giving your items 5 times more visibility in the feed and catalogue! Look for the “Bump it” button next to your items.

The bumped item will be pushed to the top of the feed and catalogue every day for 3 days. More perks? You can track the exact number of members who saw or interacted with your item after the bump.

Don't miss a chance to use the limited time offer now.
• List at least 3 items until 28th February and get 3 totally FREE bumps to try. Look for them under each item and use them for 30 days after the first use.
Enjoy a 40% discount for as many bumps you want until 28th February. Each bump will cost you $0.57 . The standard cost of each bump is $0.95 after 28th Febuary.

Use your credit card to pay for bumps.

Fee changes
30. November 2016

Great news: Selling is now free on Vinted!

Starting December 1 2016, there will be no more sellers’ fee on Vinted. So you keep all your earnings! Or share that bonus – a small discount can be a great incentive for buyers.

We want to give you better security and a great buying experience, so we will be charging buyers a service fee of 5% of the order’s cost, plus a $0.7 fixed fee.

This fee covers payment processing. Plus, it gives you access to anti-scam measures and fast support from our team just in case anything goes wrong.

Any buyer fees will be clearly visible at checkout, so there will be no surprises.

Share your feedback

Now tailored to your needs even more
30. November 2016

Finding something you need in a catalog with millions of items can be tricky. We’ve heard you and found an answer. The new sorting feature will let you browse our catalog and search in more ways tailored just for you. It's an app only feature, but keep an eye for it in the web soon.

You can now search the catalog or your search results sorted by:
• Relevance
• Price: High to low
• Price: Low to high
• Newest first

The items you want are really just a click away now.

Sellers, there are great news waiting for you as well. Ever listed an item but halfway through the process had to do something more important and the listing was lost? Say no more! You can now save item drafts and add more later in 'My Items' . And you can edit your draft forever both on the app and web, so nothing will be lost.

News from Vinted
02. November 2016

We at Vinted would like to share with you some important upcoming changes to our team’s communication with all of you.

1. From now on, all official information and announcements about new features will be posted on the Infoboard (About Vinted >> Infoboard). This will help you find all the latest news for Vinted in one place. The latest announcements will always appear at the top, and you’ll find the older ones in the archive. Additionally, you’ll be able to give us a lot more constructive feedback, right from the Infoboard, by clicking a button and taking a quick survey.

2. Our Help Center will become your first point of contact for questions. We strive to improve and update it everyday, and it contains the answers to questions that you face most often. In cases where you can’t find the information you need, or face a specific issue, please click the “Contact support“ button to get speak to the team.

3. There will be an important change in the forums. Our team will no longer be answering your questions in the forums starting Nov. 5. However, we know how important the forum is to our Vinties, and so it will remain a platform for member-to-member communication. It will also have a new home - from Nov. 5, the forum box that contains the newest topics will be removed from the feed, as the team won’t be posting updates there any longer. You’ll find every forum topic under Browse >> Community.

We hope these changes will Vinted more efficient, and the team believes they will benefit our whole community.