Shop safely on Vinted

Vinted is a community marketplace where you can buy pre-loved! Check out our tips and policies below for stress-free deals.

We have your back!

We'll issue a refund if your order is never shipped, damaged or not as described.

Shopping on Vinted is safe

We don't release payment to the seller until you tell us you've got it and it's as described. You’ll have 2 days after delivery to settle any claims, and orders must be returned within 5 days for a refund to be approved. Our support team is always ready to help!

For more on any of this, check out our FAQs.
We never reveal your exact location. Meeting a Vintie to make a deal is completely safe - just use a little common sense!

Choose a place to meet

Meet in a public place, like a local coffee shop. Pick a spot with plenty of people and only meet during the day.

Meet up to pay or swap

Check out the item in person, and meet a fellow Vintie! After you've inspected the item, pay for it in cash. Deals made in person are final.


Remind the seller to mark the order as sold and you’ll be able to leave feedback for each other.

For more info, read our tips for shopping nearby.