Vinted Refund Policy

Refunds are only given to members who have:

  • Purchased items using the 'Buy' button and paid through Vinted
  • Clicked the 'I have an issue' button within 2 days of their order status changing to 'Delivered'.

Vinted gives refunds to buyers whose order:

  1. Is not as described
  2. Never arrives or is damaged in transit due to improper packaging
  3. Is cancelled by Vinted (refunds take up to 4 working days)
  4. Is manually cancelled by buyer or seller (refunds take up to 14 working days)

The refund procedure:

  1. The buyer should submit an issue to the seller within 2 days after their order is delivered. The issue should include photo proof. Vinted keeps the buyer's payment safe until the two members agree on a resolution.
  2. The members should discuss the options for a return and refund. The seller can agree to take the item back and issue a refund. The buyer can decide to keep the item and complete the order.
  3. The item should be returned to the seller with tracking In order to receive a full refund, we recommend the buyer to cover return shipping unless agreed otherwise. Return shipping labels are not currently provided by Vinted.
  4. The seller should proceed with the refund only after receiving a valid tracking number for return shipping from the buyer. This way, both members can complete the return securely.

    If an agreement cannot be reached, you can send your issue to the Vinted support team for review.
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