Last updated: 15 January, 2018

Service Fee for Using Payment System

In consideration for the use of Vinted’s integrated payment system - Purchaser will be charged a Service Fee on top of a purchase price agreed between the Users.

The Service Fee covers the costs of processing different payment methods and may therefore vary.

Applicable Service Fee will be always shown to the Purchaser at a checkout. More information on Services Fees can be found at the Help Center .

Service Fee consists of a fixed amount and a percentage fee. Any applicable sales tax may also be added at a checkout. 

Service Fee is calculated as follows:

  • A fixed amount: in a range of $0.3 to $0.8
  • plus a fee calculated as anywhere between 3% and 8% of the price agreed between the Purchaser and the Seller for the order, excluding shipping cost and taxes.

Money in your so-called e-wallet can be paid out to any bank account in US free of charge. For pay-outs into bank accounts outside US, additional charges may apply.

Shipping Costs

Vinted works with Easy Post and the United States Postal Service to provide our members with fast, secure, and competitively-priced shipping.

In addition to the Service Fee listed above, the buyer will also be charged for shipping costs as follows. Any applicable sales tax may also be added at a checkout.

The following prices for integrated shipping service apply:

Package size Price In-App tracking Insurance* ( provided by the carrier )
Under 0.5 lbs $3.89 -
0.5 - 2 lbs $6.99
2 - 5 lbs $11.60

* NOTE :  claims for lost or damaged packages shall be addressed directly to USPS. Information about insurance herein is for information purposes only. Please visit carrier’s site for more information about claims and refunds.

Fee for Bumping Listed Items

Items listed on Vinted can be placed at the top of the so-called feed page, the catalog and the result-page for corresponding search queries. Such placement takes place at the time user purchases bumping services and is repeated once a day for a determined period of time.

Fee for Bumping an item including applicable sales tax (if any):

  • $0.95 per item for 3 calendar days;
  • $1.75 per item for 7 calendar days.

Applicable fee and exact bumping period will be always shown to users at a checkout.

More information about Bumping listed items can be found here .