Seller’s safety and support

We always aim to support you and keep you safe as a seller. But we can only do this if your buyers pay you through Vinted. When they do, we take care of:

1. Secure money transfer to you

With Vinted Wallet, you will safely receive your money once your buyer receives their item and confirms that Everything is OK with it.

If the buyer forgets to confirm, you’re still covered. We'll transfer your earnings to your Vinted Wallet in 2 working days after your order is successfully closed.

Also, we use extra safety measures against fraud and make sure you always receive your well-earned money for your fair sales.

2. Your data protection

When you receive a payment through Vinted, you don’t have to expose your financial information to the buyer. This way, we can reduce the risk that anyone would misuse it.

3. Help from our team

We’ll assist you in or guide you through resolving any issues related to your order.

4. Fair Refund Policy

We’ll step up for you in case your buyer’s claim for a refund appears to be not solid.

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