Buying safely

We’re doing all we can to ensure a safe and trustworthy environment here on Vinted. However, it never hurts to be extra cautious. So, here are our safety tips for your next purchase:

1. Ask questions safely

Message seller about an item before buying it. Don’t leave any place for hesitation, whether it’s about the item’s care tag or the delivery time.

Always use our secure conversation screen for this, and don’t move your conversation outside of Vinted.

2. Check seller's profile & reviews

If you aren’t sure if the seller is trustworthy, check their profile description and verified info. Most importantly, press on their star rating to read the other members’ reviews about this seller.

3. Pay through Vinted

When making a purchase, use the Buy now button to get covered by the Buyer Protection, among other benefits.

4. Claim the item on time

With Buyer Protection, we will refund you if your order never arrives, arrives damaged, or doesn’t match the description significantly.

This Refund Policy applies only if you report the issue within 2 days after the item was marked as delivered.

5. Leave feedback

Leave feedback about your experience to the seller. This way, you’ll let other buyers know what to expect from this seller in the future.

Good to know:

  • We recommend washing or disinfecting the items you buy in a way suitable to their material before using them. Please ensure that everything is fine with the item first, as you won’t be eligible for a refund after washing or using that item.
  • If you experienced any improper behavior, harassment, or spam activities from other members, you can report them so we may put a stop to it.
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