Buying step by step

Find an item you like

Shop for items on your news feed, or in the catalog. Use our filters to find items by brand, color, price, etc. Follow the sellers or brands you love so you’ll see those items on your feed. Select Nearby to only show items listed by sellers who live near you, so you won't have to pay for shipping. 

Chat with the seller

Tap 'Message seller' to open a conversation with the seller. There you’ll be able to discuss details, ask for more photos, or ask for a discount using the 'Make Offer' button.

Make your purchase 

Press 'Buy' to pay for the item. The first time you do that you'll be asked to enter card details. For payment, we accept debit/credit cards. Be sure to double-check that your shipping address is correct - even before you hit 'Message seller'. Keep in mind that the final price you pay includes the shipping cost set by the seller and 5% of the order price + $0.70.

P. S. You can always add/edit payment methods from your “My settings” page.

Delivery Process

The seller has 5 days to ship the item otherwise your order will be cancelled and you’ll receive a full refund. You can check the shipping progress using the 'Track package' button on your conversation screen with the seller. Now, sit back and wait for the post office to deliver your item. Keep in mind, this usually takes 2-5 business days.

Delivered! Leave feedback

Once the item is delivered, you have two options: 

  • 'Everything’s OK' — if you're happy with your item. 
  • 'I have an issue' — if something is wrong. 

If you don’t select one of those options within 2 days, we’ll mark the deal as 'OK' and leave automatic feedback for the seller. Feedback is how we build trust in the Vinted community. 

Good to know:

  • You’ll be refunded if your item is never shipped (according to USPS tracking), arrives damaged, or is not as described.
  • If you receive a gift voucher the discount will be automatically applied for your next purchase.
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