How do I avoid scams?

By following Vinted’s #1 rule: always pay and receive payments through Vinted.  This goes for sales, purchases, and swaps.

Our secure payment system keeps you and your data protected. Plus, it’s the only source of information our team uses to verify that you really did complete a transaction on Vinted. Deals involving payments made outside of Vinted are always at your own risk, with no extra protection from Vinted.

And one more thing: we’re on the internet, folks. As much as we try to keep them out, every now and then a random scammer will make it to Vinted.

If you spot one, please report them. The following red flags should have you clicking the “Report” button immediately:

  • People asking you to email them in order to complete the deal. Remember: if you email a scammer, they will then have access to your email address.
  • People asking you to share your bank account, credit card number, PayPal account or other personal details with them.
  • Requests to send cash through the mail or wire money (e.g. through Western Union).
  • Anything involving money orders or checks. If a bank cashes a fake, you’ll be held responsible.
  • Members asking you to pay through a third party.

Doing any of the above is a sure way to get scammed!

In addition, please check out this USPS article on Fake Check Scams.

If you suspect a legal breach involving your personal information, you'll need to report this to the local authorities.

And finally, always ship your items with tracking. If you’re the buyer, ask for a tracking number. You’re better off knowing exactly where your item is.

If you’re ever in doubt - shoot our support team a message or take to the forums for some advice from our awesome community. If a deal doesn’t feel right, take your time to make sure everything’s legit. We want to protect your safety AND your hard-earned money! 

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