What is Vinted's authenticity policy?

Vinted has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to replicas:

  • All luxury items must have proof* listed; otherwise, they’ll end up hidden or deleted. We may also ask for proof* of authenticity when you list brands that are popular targets for counterfeiters.
  • Suspicious listings will be hidden and you’ll be asked to provide evidence of authenticity. You can do this by adding proof* of authenticity to your hidden listing. 
  • Items imitating authentic products will be permanently removed.
  • Intentionally listed counterfeit items will be permanently removed, and the lister will end up blocked. 
  • Repeated and intentional offenders of Vinted’s authenticity policy will be permanently blocked.​

*Proof — a photo of the receipt, certificate, tag, logo, pattern, stitches, original packaging, date code, authenticity code or any other relevant information that would allow determining the authenticity of your item. 

Good to know: 

  • If you notice a suspicious item, please report
  • Only the genuine brand of the item should be indicated. Mentioning other brand names violates intellectual property laws; therefore, the item may be deleted. 
  • Always refrain from listing an item that you suspect to be counterfeit. This way, you’ll avoid unwanted attention from brand owners, law enforcement, and Team Vinted.
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