Vinted Refund Policy

When you pay through Vinted using the Buy now button, you also pay a Buyer Protection fee. It enables Buyer Protection for that specific order.

Buyer Protection applies until your order is completed. This entitles you to a refund if your item:

  • Never arrives
  • Is damaged in transit
  • Is significantly not as described

We recommend refusing the package if it’s been visibly damaged in transit – this will help you get a refund.

Is there an issue with an item within a bundle? You’ll have to return all items in that bundle to get a refund. You’ll be refunded for the whole bundle in that case.

Purchased item doesn’t fit you or isn’t your style?

Unfortunately, Buyer Protection doesn’t apply in these cases. You can still talk to your seller regarding the return, but it’s up to them to accept it. You can also upload the item to your own Vinted wardrobe and sell it there.

How to get a refund

There are 4 steps to claiming your refund:

  1. Submit your claim within 2 days (after the order status updates to “Delivered”)
  2. Chat to the seller or contact us
  3. Return the item
  4. Receive a refund
1. Submit your claim within 2 days

Press I have an issue in your conversation screen with the seller within 2 days after the order was marked as ‘delivered,’ even if it didn’t actually arrive. This will suspend the order. We’ll keep your payment on hold until the issue is resolved.

If you miss the 2-day time frame, or if you ever press Everything is OK, your order will be completed. Buyer Protection will no longer apply, and we won’t be able to refund you. However, you and your seller may still try to solve this on your own.
2. Chat to the seller or contact us

We recommend that you come to an agreement with the seller. As long as you’ve submitted your claim within 2 days (see above), you may decide between 2 possible solutions:

  • Keep the item – In the conversation screen with the seller, press View issue details, then Resolve this issue to complete the order and release your payment to the seller.
  • Return the item – You can agree to return the item to the seller and claim a refund.

You don’t have to inform us about your choice, unless you can’t come to an agreement with the seller. If so, you can contact us via the issue details screen. We will review the situation and make the final decision on the case. If we consider that the item is significantly not as described, we will issue a refund.

3. Return the item

Here’s how to return an item step by step.

Usually, buyers cover the cost of the return postage unless you and your seller agree otherwise.

The return shipping cost depends on the shipping provider chosen by you and/or the seller. Any provider is suitable, as long as they offer package tracking.

4. Receive a refund

You will receive your refund to the same e-wallet or account that you originally paid from. The refund processing time depends on the payment method initially used for this order.

Here’s more information on refunds and their processing time.

For more details, please read our Terms and Conditions.

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