Choosing package size
Due to a technical issue, the “Buy now” button is unavailable for listings with custom or no shipping options. We recommend editing the listing and choosing a different package size (not possible for perfumes, hand and nail care items). This will enable USPS shipping on Vinted, so your buyers can use the “Buy now” button.

You’ll have to choose the package size when uploading an item. To ensure the right choice:

  1. Pick one of the given package size options
  2. Tap See sizing and compensation details — it will appear next to your selected option

Buyers choose the shipping option, so your parcel must fit the weight and dimension requirements for each of the shipping options listed.

Please choose the correct package size when uploading because it can’t be changed after a buyer makes a purchase.

A wrong choice might result in extra shipping costs, pickup fees, or even negative feedback from your buyer.

The available options are:

Package size 

Usually works for

Small (under 1.0 lb)

T-shirts, scarves, belts, mini skirts, pillowcases, small beauty items, video games, etc., (except nail polish, perfume and other flammable liquids or hazardous materials like aerosol containers, items with lithium batteries).

Medium (under 2.0 lbs)

Jeans, dresses, ballet flats, sweaters, handbags, towels, board games, books, etc.

Large (under 5.0 lbs)

Boots, sneakers, light coats, backpacks, heavy knitwear, bundles, etc.

You can be compensated up to $100 if your package gets lost or damaged during shipment. With Priority mail (M & L package sizes), please file a claim for compensation with USPS yourself.

If the item you’re sending does not fall into any of these subcategories in the table above, you’ll have to take care of its shipping on your own by using custom shipping or the no shipping option (meet-up and collect). Just pack an item following the regulations of your chosen carrier. Always choose a shipping provider that offers tracked shipping with compensation as we won’t be able to support you in case of a lost or damaged package.

For some items, you may also have to use custom shipping due to contractual limitations Vinted has with carriers.