Packing the item

It's important to pack your items properly so that they aren't damaged during the shipping. Make sure the package fits the regulations (size, weight, dimensions) of the postage provider so you or your buyer won’t need to pay extra.

If you ship via USPS (using Vinted’s prepaid label), keep these things in mind:

  • Use an outer packaging material that is sturdy and strong, ideally a cardboard box.
  • Pack the item with bubble wrap, foam, or paper so there's no room for your item to move around in the package.
  • Place goods that might be affected by dirt, water or wet conditions inside a plastic bag.
  • Personal touch is always a good idea.

The available package options are:

  • First Class (only Small)
  • Priority mail (Medium & Large)

If it’s a small package

  • Small packages are always shipped First Class 

Medium and large options

  • USPS provides a range of free Priority packaging (see the box guide below)
  • USPS box weight varies from - 0.3 - 0.75 lbs

When choosing a box, please don’t use FLAT RATE boxes — they don't work with any Vinted-generated shipping labels.

Here’s a range of box sizes that work best:

USPS offers packages free of charge — you can use them at the post office or order packages to have them at your home. You can also use your own packaging (as long as you stick a Vinted-generated shipping label to it).

If you ship flammable liquids

For perfumes and other flammable liquids, you’ll have to use custom shipping (other carrier than the one available on Vinted, i.e. a carrier of your choice).

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