Shipping routes and providers for sellers
Due to a technical issue, the “Buy now” button is unavailable for listings with custom or no shipping options. We recommend editing the listing and choosing a different package size (not possible for perfumes, hand and nail care items). This will enable USPS shipping on Vinted, so your buyers can use the “Buy now” button.

You can offer your buyers the following shipping options within the United States (50 U.S. states and Washington D.C.) and Puerto Rico:

  • USPS (prepaid shipping label generated on Vinted)
  • Custom shipping
  • No shipping: meet-up and collect

USPS (with a prepaid shipping label) is available within the states and Puerto Rico.

Custom shipping is available within the states and Puerto Rico.

The no shipping (meet-up and collect) option is available within the U.S. and Puerto Rico (only for heavy and bulky items from the Kids, Home, or Entertainment categories).

Here’s how to ship step-by-step with each shipping option mentioned above.