Sell items faster

If you have no luck selling an item, there are steps you can take to get your item more attention:

Make sure your listing is great. 

  • Update the photos in your listing to make sure the item is clearly visible.
  • Improve the title and description. This helps members find your item via search. 
  • Offer a discount for buyers who are interested in buying more than one item from you.
  • Already started a conversation? Make an offer

Get noticed.

  • Share your items on social media.
  • Bump your items in the catalog every week.
  • Be active and upload items regularly - potential buyers will start following you and the ones who already follow you will be notified. 
  • Reduce the price of your items. Members who have favorited your items will be notified about the discount. 

Build your profile.

  • Offering more shipping options attracts more buyers.
  • Verify your profile so others can trust you.
  • Tell others more about yourself in your profile description.
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