Your affected orders during COVID-19

In light of the present circumstances, we’re doing our best to ensure your safety and to keep Vinted as convenient as possible.

If you experience any issues with your current orders and their delivery, just follow our guidance below. This way, all items and payments should reach their intended recipients safely and at the earliest possible time. 

Your payments are secured

If you’re a buyer, and your order is on hold due to shipping disruptions, your payment is kept safely by our payment service provider.

If you’re a seller, your buyer’s payment will be held under the pending balance in your Vinted Wallet. Upon order completion, the money will be released to you.

Shipping issues and solutions

If you can’t send or receive a package, you may find a solution below:

Not sure if you want to trade now?

The choice whether to be selling and/or buying is of course entirely up to you. Here are the options you are free to choose from:

  • Use vacation mode to hide your listings for up to 90 days.
  • Reserve items for up to 5 days.
We’ll keep you updated

We’re keeping our finger on the pulse of the entire situation and we constantly look for ways to bring you the safest and most convenient Vinted experience during this hectic time.

Please check this page and our Infoboard regularly to stay up to date. Stay safe!

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