What details do I need for payouts?

  • Full name and birthdate of the bank checking account holder.
  • Last 4 numbers of SSN (social security number). There might be rare cases when your full SSN is needed but please note that we don’t store this information, it’s only used to verify your identity and ensure a successful payout.
  • Routing number (9 digits - make sure you don’t mix it with the account number). Also, make sure you’re using the electronic transfer routing number (ACH) assigned for your bank and area, which isn’t necessarily the routing number you see on your checks (ABA/RTN). Check with your bank if you're not sure which one is correct.
  • Bank account number (9-12 digits) of the checking account you want to pay out to.
  • Your full name.
  • Billing address (the one the bank has on file for the account owner).
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