Receiving a refund

Your refund will appear in the same Vinted Wallet or account that you originally paid from. The refund processing time and the place where it will appear depends on the payment method initially used for this order:

Paid partly by Vinted Wallet, partly by another method

The amount you paid with Vinted Wallet will appear there in a few hours. We’ll send the remaining funds to your bank account (within 5 working days), if you:

  • Paid by card (or via Apple Pay or Google Pay)
Only a part of my refund appeared. Where is the rest of it?

Most likely, you used two payment methods, as described above.

In this case, please check both your Vinted Wallet and another payment method that you used. The missing part will appear there. Keep in mind that refunds to your bank account will take longer to transfer.

Good to know:

  • If your payment fails, this money might still be taken (or reserved as pending) from your account. However, if this happens, you will always be fully refunded. Even if you accidentally pay twice, you’ll receive the second payment back.
  • Your refund will fully cover your expenses. This includes the item’s price, shipping cost, and the Buyer Protection fee.
  • Working days include Monday to Friday – refunds will not appear in your account on weekends and public holidays.
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