Shipping options for buyers

When you buy an item, you'll see all the delivery choices and their cost next to the item’s price. The options you’ll be offered will depend on the items you are buying, your and your seller’s location, also the seller’s settings. 

Available shipping options 

 There are 3 ways that your package can be delivered to you:  

  • USPS (prepaid shipping label generated on Vinted)

Have your purchase sent directly to your address.

  • Custom shipping

The way in which the package will be delivered to you depends on the provider that the seller selected.

  • By you picking up the item from the seller (no shipping option)

This is a possible option for heavy or bulky items from the Kids or Home categories that are difficult to ship. If the seller chooses this way of delivery, you can simply meet the seller and collect the item from them.

Learn how each of the shipping options works or find out the shipping routes that the providers cover.

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