Shipping routes and providers for buyers
Due to a technical issue, the “Buy now” button is unavailable for listings with custom or no shipping options. We recommend editing the listing and choosing a different package size (not possible for perfumes, hand and nail care items). This will enable USPS shipping on Vinted, so your buyers may use the “Buy now” button.

Below we’ve listed all the available shipping options on Vinted. Also, you’ll find details about some alternative shipping options. 

Local delivery

These are the shipping options for receiving packages within the United States (50 U.S. states and Washington D.C.):

  • USPS (prepaid shipping label generated on Vinted)
  • Custom shipping
  • No shipping: pick-up in person*

* This option is available for heavy and bulky items from Home and Kids categories only. 

Instructions for each shipping option

Let us guide you through the shipping process: see the instructions about each of the shipping options mentioned above.

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