Instructions for each shipping option for buyers
Due to a technical issue, the “Buy now” button is unavailable for listings with custom or no shipping options. We recommend editing the listing and choosing a different package size (not possible for perfumes, hand and nail care items). This will enable USPS shipping on Vinted, so your buyers may use the “Buy now” button.

 You'll see all the available delivery options and postage cost after you press Buy now. The options you’ll be offered will depend on the seller’s settings.

When you buy via the "Buy now” button and choose shipping with USPS, you will: 

  • Be able to track your package on Vinted 
  • Receive orders directly to your personal address
  • Be covered by Buyer Protection and receive a refund if the item is significantly not as described, damaged, or doesn’t arrive.

When shipping with custom shipping — package tracking or special shipping prices are not available, but Buyer Protection applies when buying via the “Buy now” button.

Below you’ll find detailed guides to receiving items with each shipping option:

With pre-paid shipping label generated on Vinted
Other options
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