Rules  is a platform to buy, sell, swap or give-away second-hand items. Listing your items on Vinted is absolutely free!

We want to ensure that remains a friendly and safe place, so we ask all our members to comply with rules if they decide to upload items to our catalog. 

Second-hand clothing, footwear, accessories, beauty products, tech accessories and kids’ items are all allowed on Vinted. The ‘Other’ section of the Vinted catalog is for wearable items which we have not categorised.

We don’t allow:
Counterfeit/ imitation/ replica or fake branded products
Used makeup products or makeup tools that come into direct contact with the skin. For example, you can’t sell eyeliner, eyeshadow, blush, mascara, etc. All other beauty products may be sold open and/or used if the description clearly states this.
Any LMVH or Chanel cosmetic or fragrance - this includes Guerlain, Dior, Kenzo, Nude, Make Up For Ever, Fresh, Benefit, Givenchy, Loewe Acqua di Parma brands. These products may only be sold by aggregated distributors and not on Vinted.
Handmade cosmetic products
Nail polish remover, razors
Used or worn underwear for hygiene reasons. However, underwear that is new with tags can be listed. You must clearly show photographs of the tags in your item listing, or it must be in it's unopened packaging. Bras, tights, socks or any other undergarments may be sold used, but the description should correctly specify this.
Sports and training equipment:  hula hoops, weights, snowboards, skis and etc.
Electronic and high-tech products and accessories, such as mobile phones, computers, cameras, tablets.
Used piercings, except for earrings.
Contact lenses (including contact lense solutions and contact lense cases)
Testers, samples or promotional items that you received for free, including items which come from “Beauty Boxes”
Medicines prescription products, vitamins and dietary supplements
Food supplements or food products: baby food and infant formulas, purees, porridges, eggs, meat, poultry, tea, candies, cookies, chocolate, cakes, etc.
Homeware and home accessories: washers, fridges, hoovers, microwaves, ovens, dryers, dishwashers, TVs, etc.
Home and adult party decor: candles, candle holders, paintings, centerpieces, decorations.
Others: bedding for adults, frames and boxes not meant for kids, craft items, household cleaners, furniture and carpets for adults, etc.
Books and magazines for adults: anything not related to kids, teens, pregnancy, motherhood, kids’ health and education.
Tickets to events

All of these items, as well as other items that do not fall into the categories of “clothes, footwear and accessories” will be removed at the moderators’ discretion.

If you bump a listing that violates Vinted’s rules, the cost of this bump will not be refunded when your listing is deleted.



•     All items must be assigned to the corresponding category and listed only once.
•     If you are listing more than one item, each item must be listed separately and assigned to the appropriate category. One listing for one item please, unless the group of items in one listing are offered for one total price, as a bundle listing or set .
•     Bundle listings (sets) must state 'bundle' or 'set' in the listing title and description. Each bundle listing must include the total price of the bundle, and items included in your bundle can not be listed separately. 
•     All items should have the appropriate Item Condition assigned, as outlined in detail here. 
•     We do not allow listing any items, including beauty products, tech accessories, clothing, footwear or accessories which were purchased for commercial purposes. 

Items that fall into this category:
•    a large quantity of brand new clothing and other items
•    a higher quantity of clothing/items with tags still attached to them
•    clothing or items of the same style but in different colours, sizes
•    items and shoes with size indicted as ‘various’ or 'more sizes available'
•    items which only come with photos from the internet or stock photos
•    items which ‘can be ordered’.

•     Offering and advertising any services in the catalog is not allowed.
•     We don’t allow writing ‘Sold’, ‘Currently out of stock’, 'Check back later', etc. in the title of the item when you have already sold, swapped or given it away. Simply clicking the button ‘Mark as given away’ on the listing and we’ll hide it from other members.
•    Auctions are meant for generating as much profit as possible, which contradicts our aim. That’s why listings in the catalog and other posts containing auctioning or bidding will be deleted without warning. Check how to set the correct price .
•    The photos must represent the item as it is - no image editing please. Photos must comply with the following criteria: 

•    Photos of the item you are listing must be taken by you, or a friend, with the purpose of using them on Vinted.
•    Stock photos are not allowed. As are ads and watermarks in photos.
•    Photographs must be clear. Check out our photo tips for helpful advice.
•    The main photo should clearly represent the item listed. It can not be a collage of several photos - collages are not allowed as the main (1st) photo. However, you are free to choose how you want to display your item in additional photos.


Please note, that aims to provide a safe and friendly environment for social shopping. However, if we see that a member is abusing the Service, we may impose penalties.

•  If a member has violated any of the Service rules, we will issue a written warning and delete or hide an item that does not comply with our rules. If you receive a message from the administrators of the Service regarding an unsuitable listing, you’ll have 24 hours to take action. At the end of this period the listing may be deleted without notice.
•     If the member chooses to ignore the warnings, does not communicate with the moderators, and/or makes no effort to correct their violations, their membership may be revoked (blocked) for an unlimited period of time.

We prefer to maintain a friendly relationship with everyone who uses our Service. We understand that there are many rules to comply with and read through, hence it is natural some might not be clear. If that’s the case - contact our friendly team and we’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Sometimes disputes among members occur. If that’s the case and you can not resolve the disagreement with the administrator’s involvement - the administrator of has the decisive vote.

The administrators of has the right to change these rules.